Remotely explore Japan’s skyline with the largest photo of Tokyo ever taken


At 600,000 pixels wide, this is the largest photo of Tokyo ever taken. What makes it even better is that the whole thing is an interactive panorama, which means you can zoom all the way into a building that you see in the distance and still have a ton of detail. It’s pretty amazing.

We should be directing our thanks to photographer Jeffrey Martin, who spent two days of shooting and four months of editing to get this thing done. He shot it with a Canon 7D and 400mm lens but what’s even more impressive is that he needed 1.5 terabytes of free disk space to use as a scratch disk and the computer he was using had 192GB of RAM — and yet it was still unresponsive during editing.

If you wanna see this monster of an image yourself, head on over to the link below:

Tokyo Tower Gigapixel Panorama homepage

[via io9]

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