Free Ashampoo Photo Commander 9! [24-hours only]

Software Description

The following is a description of Ashampoo Photo Commander 9, as per the developer:

The all-in-one software for your photo collection

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 offers you the perfect mix of features to manage, edit, present and optimize your digital pictures. The program provides you with a quick and straightforward management of your photo collection including options to create groups, tag pictures and put together virtual picture albums. Assign for example the name of your last travel destination (tagging) to your holiday pictures. This way you can later find all pictures you took at that destination very fast.

Be creative and edit your digital pictures according to your wishes. Optimize photos with one click, remove red eyes or use different effects, like color changes, for your image editing. Turn your most beautiful images into oil paintings, create a calendar with your own pictures or a personal invitation with a funny picture of the last party.

Of course, Version 9 of the Ashampoo Photo Commander offers lots of new features and improvements. Among other features there is the new dual-view modefor the comparison of an original picture and that picture while editing. Additionally, the optimization tools and video functions were improved, new effects were added and lots more.

When handling your digital pictures you’ll never want to do without Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 again.

dotTech Advice

I have never really been much of a photo guy so I can’t rightfully give proper advice about Ashampoo Photo Commander 9. I can say, however, Ashampoo Photo Commander has a lot of photo-related features bundled into one soft. From editing to converting to effects to renaming slideshows to collages to burning on CD/DVD to organizing to optimizing and everything in between, if you name it Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 has some form of it.

Okay, okay — Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 doesn’t have everything. Obviously my above statement is an hyperbole but I think you get my point: If you work with photos/images a lot, Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 is definitely worth looking at.

Any dotTechies more experienced with these types of software? Please, let me us know what you think about Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 in the comments below!

Freebie Details

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 is being offered for free for the next 24-hours by DownloadCrew. The promotion ends 23:59 (Central Europe Time, or GMT +1) Monday March 26, 2012. You must install and register during these 24-hours.

To get Photo Commander 9 for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v9.4.2

Free updates: No

Free technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 127 MB

  • After you enter your e-mail address and hit Request full version key, what happens next will depend on if you have an existing account with Ashampoo or not:

Existing Account

You will be asked to login using your password:

(If you cannot remember your password you can try to recover it or just create a new account with a new e-mail address.)

Once you login you will be asked to fill out a form:

The important thing to note here is that the form is optional. You are not required to fill it out. You can click the “Not now” button and bypass it. Unless you really want to give Ashampoo your personal information, I suggest just bypassing the form.

Once you either submit or bypass the form, you will be given the registration key for Ashampoo Photo Commander 9:

Copy the registration key — you will need it soon.

New Account

You will be shown a screen similar to the following after you enter your e-mail address:

This screen is simply telling you that you need to confirm your registration. Go check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from Ashampoo ( with the subject of Confirmation link for your email address. In this e-mail there is a link you need to follow to confirm your e-mail address:

Once you visit the link, you will be asked to fill out a form:

The important thing to note here is that the form is optional. You are not required to fill it out. You can click the “Not now” button and bypass it. Unless you really want to give Ashampoo your personal information, I suggest just bypassing the form.

Once you either submit or bypass the form, you will be given the registration key for Ashampoo Photo Commander 9:

Copy the registration key — you will need it soon.

  • After the download has finished, install Ashampoo Photo Commander 9.
  • During installation you will need to enter the serial key you received:

  • During installation take special note to not install MyAshampoo toolbar and make other junk changes to your computer if you don’t want to:

  • Finish installing.
  • Done.
  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

[Thanks PC basics!]

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  • smaragdus

    With every new release Ashampoo Photo Commander is getting bigger and bigger, version 6 was 24 MB, version 7- 43 MB, now it is almost 130 MB. Its performance has slowed down a lot. I personally prefer FastStone products, which are lighter and smoother. Thanks for the notification about this giveaway but I will skip it. In fact I have some previous versions (5, 6, 7) and I like best the thinnest version 5.

  • JonE

    P.S. I just noticed; along with all the other unwanted goodies that Ashampoo Photo Commander graciously gave me during install, I just noticed that it also added a “Search Engine” (to Firefox) to my already crowded list entitled, “Ashampoo US Customized Web Search”. Customized? Yeah I’ll bet!

    @ Donald: Yeah, I will uninstall with “Revo”, but if I’d installed with “Revo” I wouldn’t have the headache of deleting those stray files and folders. But, you are right “Everything” makes that search for stray file and folders a whole lot easier and FASTER too. Thanks for your input.

    I think I’m gonna try Faststone; everywhere I’ve looked it is highly rated. Thanks to all for the recommendation.

  • Donald

    @JonE: I uninstalled it with Revo, then polished off a scan for it with “Everything” search, that found a few stray folders that were for the most part empty anyway. I found it to be … well “overkill” and a little clunky. Too much to busy, tiny buttons. I don’t want all the pretty picture frames and digital effects. I just want to correct photos that need adjustments, i.e. lighting, hue, contrast etc. I did see it at a “discount” price for $15 over at softonic I think it was. Anyway, hope this was helpful. I will stick with Faststone unless someone comes up with something better.

  • JonE

    To start with I’m not a huge Ashampoo fan, although they do have a few reasonably good software titles and if you wait long enough it will either go on sale for next to nothing or they will give it away.

    But, I’m a sucker for anything Free, and Ashampoo makes this process rather easy, once you’ve registered, assuming your email address hasn’t changed and you saved your password. I’m assuming all the techies out there have a password manager?

    This Ashampoo give-away for example; I clicked on the “registration page” link provided, it asked for my email address, then password, then provided me with the “key”. And after you register when you log into your account it will provide you with a list of every Ashampoo application you’ve ever registered along with the “key” for that application.

    I’m sure most techies already know this; this is for all those that have never registered and are experiencing lots of problems with the registration process; this is a common problem with every Ashampoo give-away for those who have never registered before. If you gut it through this registration process the next time Ashampoo has a give-away you get in and out; no problem.

    Downloading: If you’re having problems downloading Photo Commander 9 then most Ashampoo titles are listed on the major download sites such as “Softpedia” and “FileForum”, the only two I checked. It’s v9.4.2; the same file that is being given away. The copy I downloaded resides on a “Softpedia” server, whereas, I do believe, “FileForum” grabs the file straight from Ashampoo. I didn’t have any plans of installing it, but wanted to make sure my info is accurate. After install I input the key I received and it worked just fine. So if you are expereincing download problems try one of the major download sites like “Softpedia”.

    I cannot recommend Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 however. That’s said tongue in cheek since I know about as much about graphics & photo editors as I do about Networking. “IrfanView” and “XnView” have done everything I’ve ever needed for a lot of years. I know nothing about “Faststone Image Viewer”; I’ve never used it. I will say Photo Commander 9, on quick glance, looks like a nice program that will do many things. I’m only glad that I installed it because I now know it’s draw backs. Wish I had remembered to install it with “Revo”, but I didn’t (dumb stick!). Anyway, I can’t recommend it because it did some things I cannot and will not tolerate.

    It installed some kind of Ashampoo “toolbar” in Firefox; I can only imagine it would have installed it on IE too if I had it upgraded to version 8, but I never use IE any more so why upgrade. The good news here is that it’s easy to get rid of the toolbar in Firefox. And I don’t remember seeing any options during install that asked me whether I wanted any of the extra goodies it gave me. It installed “shortcuts” both on the Desktop and Quick Launch; this is not a huge deal, but I’d like the opportunity to say whether I want a shortcut or not and where. But on top of all that it changed the homepage in IE. And it installed at least one startup, maybe two. I hate toolbars of any kind and I definitely don’t want a program starting up unless I need it to. I can’t imagine why anyone would want a Photo Editor to open at startup, unless you do it as an occupation or hobby. For sure, WinPatrol and AnVir were both singing loud and proud after restart.

    Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 will be uninstalled; I just wish I had remembered to install it with “Revo”; that would make getting rid of it a whole lot easier.

    Sorry this is so long.

  • Harris

    good morning ashraf….thanks for the link to get a license for ashampoo photo commander 9…i assumed yesterday when i was unable to get a license there were some problems either at the download site or with ashampoo. i had been using ver. 8 since i gave up on using picasa and just about everything else from google as a result of what i feel is their instrusive behaviour. i am like you as to my knowledge of photography – don’t ask me what gamma is. i like the way photo commander works, it’s quick fixes are great and unlike picasa it doesn’t scan the computer for every picture on my computer. i get to choose which suits me fine.
    also, i like the way you have changed the options on your daily post, allowing me to select what i want to get notified about – no android and apps stuff.
    lastly, i truly like your reviews – if something is crappy you say so. you don’t gloss over the weaknesses or other issues….thanks….harris

  • Sid

    Hello Ashraf.
    I tried downloading 4 times & failed 4 times. The download just stops dead in its tracks for no apparent reason. Will try to download tomorrow now. On one of those occasions, it downloaded upto 117MB, then stopped. This giveaway has now wasted quite some of my time.
    Of course, its none your fault; its just that such are life’s drearies!

  • Jerry

    I agree with Bill Mayy above, is this better then Faststone Image Viewer? I currently use Faststone Image Viewer “portable” version. ALL of my programs are portable apps (except IE9 of coarse). If I am to “break the mold” and go with something that has to be installed on my C drive, I want it to be worth it!

  • mytheuzen

    Hi Ashraf,

    update for the giveaway:

    IMPORTANT: due to problems with the Ashampoo activation server through Sunday night (which are now fixed), we’ve extended this promotion until Tuesday March 27 at 23:59 – so everyone has plenty of time to download and activate.
    Note that you must activate Photo Commander 9 before 00:00 on Wednesday March 28, Central European Time. These are requirements from Ashampoo as part of this 24-hour giveaway.

  • Bill Mayy

    What can this do software do that Faststone Image Viewer can’t do? I would really like to know the justification for a 127mb program over a 5mb program. Photogs? Any help on this?

  • Patrick


    Hi Ashraf,

    As far as I can see nothing has changed for the better… Exept that their offer now stands for more than 2 days…
    I get the registration key on their site but am still turning in rounds, not even getting a confirmation mail so far.

    I think I’ll have another try this afternoon :-) Maybe they suffer some overload or the fix takes longer than expected.

    BTW and FYI my current time is 11:19 European Summertime. (They really should quit this twice a year “joke”. Disturbing peoples biological clocks like this, resulting in healthproblems for a lot of us should be made illegal. I’m not joking! Travelling from one continent to another also results in “timer-problems” -called “jet lag”. The difference is: travellers have a choice, European citizens don’t…)

    Greetz & thanks for your continuous services,


  • Ashraf

    @PCbasics: Ashampoo screwed up, they didn’t start it on time. It is active now, though.

    My guess is DownloadCrew will extend this giveaway for another 24-hours because of it.

  • was it the wrong link or it just didn’t start yet?