Get WinPatrol PLUS for $0.99 for a limited time!

Like WinPatrol but have not yet upgraded to WinPatrol PLUS? Then don’t miss this chance. In Jan 2010 the WinPatrol team did an “experiment” offering WinPatrol PLUS – which normally costs $29.95 – for $0.99. That experiment is back. Until 12:00 Eastern Standard Time Wednesday April 18, 2012 WinPatrol PLUS is available for a measly $0.99. This is a lifetime – but non-commercial use only and not for resale – license. Go grab it now.


Can I use my 99¢ WinPatrol PLUS on multiple computers?
This experiment is meant to compare a software purchase to those purchases from the Apple App Store or Droid Market. Unlike our $29.95 license, this purchase is good for one computer at a time. The cost of the Family Pack license has also been reduced to $9.99 and will allow you to create a single family PLUS code.

I heard a new WinPatrol version is coming soon. Will I have to pay again for this version?
No way. The PLUS activation you purchase for 99¢ will work with all future versions.

Can I purchase 100 copies?
Yes, but only for your own use.  You must be a home user and you’ll still receive a single PLUS code for all your computers.

Do I need to download anything in advance?
If you already have the free version of WinPatrol no additional download is required. If you don’t have WinPatrol you can download and become familiar with WinPatrol at I’ve included some alternate download sites to prevent traffic jams on Using your PLUS code will activate the premium features hidden in the free version.

You can grab WinPatrol PLUS for $0.99 from the links below:

WinPatrol homepage

$0.99 Purchase page

Blog post page

[Thanks to everyone that informed me about this.]

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    I wrote to them asking could I transfer my copy to a replacement PC, when my current one dies.
    Even though they are swamped with emails, Bill took the time to reply. Pretty cool.
    The short answer is YES
    The long answer, is pasted below –

    Hi Rob,
    Thank you for your support. We have extended our sale another day so there are probably 20 hours left from now.
    What you’ll get is a name/plus code combination. This code with your name is good for life so if you get a new computer or if your hard drive dies you’d just download our free software and use the name/code to activate the PLUS features.
    I don’t see any reason why our PayPal link would not accept you as an Australian. It will do any currency conversion automatically.

    Thanks again,
    Bill Pytlovany
    BillP Studios

  • Rob (Down Under)

    – – – – – You have an extra 24 hours to get the deal
    I wrote to an XP forum, asking if they thought the program is worth the time one would have to spend pondering the alerts.
    I lashed out and bought two (‘just to be sure’).
    I have since received a couple of replies.
    One of them mentioned that –
    Sale Extended until NOON EST Thursday, April 19th!

  • Suze

    To add to Patara’ comment — if you subscribe to Bill’s blog, he will email you whenever there is a new version of WinPatrol. You won’t have to check for updates [or forget to :)]. And he won’t bombard your inbox with unnecessary emails.

  • Patara

    Win Patrol can always update to the latest version. It’s free updates for life of the program.

  • Mags

    I’ve been using WinPatrol Plus for a number of years now and am extremely happy with it.

    Can’t remember when I got it or where I got it. (possibly GOTD but not sure)

    Anyway, my point is, is that my version was 17, something. So decided to update to the newest version to see what happened. I figured that if it didn’t stay registered that I would get the $0.99 offer.

    After updating it was still registered so I didn’t have to purchase another license.

    So if anyone has an older registered version of WinPatrol Plus, just update.

  • Frank Demelio

    I had complained (comment 16) that after paying for winpatrol their web site did not provide the registration code, and that emails to their support weren’t being answered. Since then, they answered, said they were swamped and didn’t get to my message for some hours, and provided the registration code. They seem to be good guys after all.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’, that is good news.

  • Patara

    Sorry I can’t use the quote link. My post does not appear when I choose that option.

    Rob, I think that has been interpreted wrong. I purchased 2 years ago for .99 cents and can use on both my computers. The Family Pack is for the whole family so multiple users the Pro version is for a single user but multiple computers.
    On the left side of the main page it states
    Can I use my activation code on both my desktop and laptop?
    Of course. You’re the customer not your computer. You’re welcome to use a single license code on any computer you personally own and use.

    Purchase a WinPatrol Super Family Pack and your code is good for unlimited computers for your whole family.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Thanks Locutus

    That is true for the full price Pro version.
    However for the 99 cent one, they intend you only use it on one PC.
    For those that purchased a couple of 99c ones, do they have the same key (just one key for all).
    The reason that I ask –
    If they don’t reply to my email question regarding my PCs having a 3 to 6 month life, I might not feel guilty using it on whichever of my old PCs, replaces the dead one.

  • @Rob (Down Under): nine hours from now

  • Patara

    The license is for any computer owned by user so can be used at the same time on multiple computers and has free updates for life. That is stated in more than 1 place on the website.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Could anyone tell me how many hours are left for this deal ?
    (In Australia time moves differently)

    As my PCs die frequently (2003/2004 birth dates), I have written to them to see what would happen to the license.

  • Many thanks Ashraf. Looks like a goodie. Appreciate your great help, as always.

  • William R Cosgrove


    Much thanks for working behind the scenes in providing this great piece of software.

    I have used the free version before and was impressed. I always wanted to gravitate to the Plus version but I was not employed for approx 4 yrs so they were some tough times.

    But, having been employed for alittle time now I can get around to it; especially @ .99 what a deal!

    Thanks again for looking out!


  • Clodmore

    Thanks, Ashraf, for letting us know about this deal. I paid for two licenses. I mean, at $0.99, how could I afford not to put it on both computers legally?

    The funny thing is that just last week, maybe the week before, I looked at his website for pricing and decided that I didn’t want to spend $29.95 for one copy. Had it been $10, I probably would have bought a license. $0.99 has me buying two.

    Thanks for keeping us informed on such deals.

  • oldtimer3

    LOL, spent another 99 cents. Got the code

  • DavidJ

    Thank you Ashraf. I ordered using PayPal. Everything went smoothly. This is well worth the 99 cents. Thanks again.

  • jayesstee

    @Frank Demelio:
    I paid by MasterCard, after agreeing to the payment, followed the links got invited to entered my name, email address and make a comment. I did this but skipped on the comment, submitted and went to a page with the following:

    “To Activate WinPatrol PLUS features…

    If you haven’t already Installed WinPatrol, download and run the FREE WinPatrol software.
    You should see Scotty appear in the lower-right hand corner of your screen.
    Double-Click on the Scotty taskbar icon.
    You can also open WinPatrol from the Start Button->Programs->WinPatrol->WinPatrol Explorer
    Click on the PLUS Tab
    Enter your Name and Code into the software, then press the Apply button.
    Your WinPatrol PLUS features will be activated immediately.
    Save your Name and PLUS code combination in case you need it in the future!

    Name: xxxxxx Reg Code: xxxxxxxx ”

    Did that and it worked! No email involved. You might have to invest another 99 cents?

  • Frank Demelio

    Paid with PayPal, which sent me back to WinPatrol site, which had a message that my name was invalid and, of course, no registration code. I sent them an email hours ago, but no response. Anyone else have trouble getting the registration code?

  • jayesstee

    Thanks for the info. Was always “going to buy the ‘plus’ version”, but never got round to it. Now fully upgraded, great.
    By the way, BillP Studios do a portable version, ‘WinPatrolToGo’. This appears to be a free, (upgrade-able to Plus) version suitable for installation on an USB stick for when you get the call from your buddy, Ma, Pa, nephew or other friend/relation with a need for help with a poorly computer. Obviously, it does not have the goodies which need it installed (i.e. delayed start). Also ideal for ‘prefer Portable Only’ dotTechies like Locutus?
    Anyway,WinPatrolToGo can be found at:

  • utea

    Been using win patrol plus since they had it yes under 10.00 when first appeared now would never go back to anything else

  • Mr Lasky

    I have been using “plus” version for so long, I think it was only $10.00 for lifetime lic.
    And it just keeps getting better and better.

  • hatman


  • MikeFromMarkham

    I have found this software to be absolutely indispensable from the very first moment I tried the free version a few years ago. I now have the Plus version on every computer I own. As Suze noted, the extra info you get from the Plus vs. free version has often been extremely helpful in deciding what software to allow to run and when. Invest the buck for the Plus version … it’s the best software dollar you could ever spend!

  • Suze

    @Rob (Down Under): “I am curious as to what the Plus version offers, that their free version doesn’t” The Plus version gives you the option (via a link) to find more information about whatever software it flags, whereas the free version doesn’t. I’ve found it helpful in determining whether I need/want that software on my computer, or to run at startup.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I did not proceed too far down the purchase path, but the level I got to, mentioned only Credit card for the 99 cent offer.
    It did mention PayPal for the family pack (or something around $10)

  • oldtimer3

    Alas, their site must be overwhelmed, paid with credit card but received no plus activation code.
    @Rob: They do take paypal.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Also I am curious as to what the Plus version offers, that their free version doesn’t ?
    I perused their site, and could not see a comparison table.

    And when one is weighing which to use (their Plus or their Free), I would factor in that they do not appear to have a PayPal option, and is it worth having risks associated with using your Credit Card ?

  • Mike

    And so, I can’t help but ask, does WinPatrol PLUS offer features that the many free utilities I’ve gotten through this site don’t?

  • Frank D

    Please disregard my previous post, above. After a delay I received the correct code, was able to register WinPatrol PLUS and it’s now in operation. Thanks to Bill P (and DotTech) for this fine software and for making it available at such a low price!

  • Frank D

    I made the purchase but when I try to register it using the code that appears I get the following message:

    WinPatrol [FREE Edition]

    Oops… Please try again?

    I’m really sorry but the Name / Registration code combination does not appear in our records.

    New online activation requires an exact match.
    Check for 0/O or 1/I mistakes.
    You should also be connected to the Internet when activating.

    PLUS members should email to receive personal assistance.


  • Patara

    I have no problems with it and my Norton 360 plus also have AnVir installed.

  • Ed

    Would it be safe to have WinPatrol PLUS running alongside an anti-virus program like Kaspersky?

  • Patara

    Great little program. I purchased in 2010 with the last deal after using the free version for a few years.