iOS apps of the day [May 25, 2012]

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About iOS Apps of the Day

iOS has over 600,000 apps. With so many apps out there, app discovery (aka finding new and useful apps) is extremely difficult. With our iOS Apps of the Day initiative, dotTech aims to change that. Everyday we post three apps, allowing our readers to discover new apps, daily. Enjoy! [Subscribe to our iOS section to never miss an article: RSS Feed | E-mail]

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Apps for May 25, 2012

Special Characters

Special Characters gives you access to characters that might take a while to type up with the normal keyboard function. You can give your text messages and anything else you type up on your device with any type of special character. This app includes more than 200 emoticon characters, along with number,  unit  and mathematical symbols, punctuation marks, special Chinese characters, currency signs, Japanese symbols, lower and upper case Greek letters, Russian symbols, and more. There are many ways you can send this to whatever you want whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Email or even a text message. Just type your message by switching to the normal keyboard function and any special characters you want. You press the paper airplane to send your typed message, and you won’t need to use the copy and paste function built into the device.

Price: $0.99

Version discovered: 1.3

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 4.0 and up

Download size: 5.6 MB

Special Characters on iTunes


SideTacts is an address book enhancer that brings new life to it. You can transform the address book with three different things. You get SideTacts which has a superior address book, groups and subgroups, multimedia notes, and group messaging. You can add people to your favorites in the app, and it doesn’t pull from your standard address book favorites so you will need to create a new and fresh favorites list. You will also have your standard address book linked with this app, and you can even send group text messages if you need to do such a thing.

SigCards gives you an email signature card builder which gives you the ability to include something special in your emails with whatever you want to create. You have a mini-website at the bottom of your email message which would impress anyone that receives a message like that. You can also create mobile websites using the SigSites function, but in order to use this you have to create a login account with SideTacts. These SigSites will be accessible as links in your email signature and enabling you to project your image with every message to browser-enabled devices.

Price: Free

Version discovered: 1.5.1

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 4.0 and up

Download size: 18.6 MB

SideTacts on iTunes

Pix’n Love Rush

Pix’n Love Rush is a retrostyle game of collecting things and avoiding others. Your basic functions are moving around, jumping and shooting the bad things. There are different game play modes you can choose from like Classic Rush, Cursed Rush, Rainbow Rush and On-Off Rush. The Classic Rush has a 5mm Rush that flips from one stage to another once you reach the end of one, and it has Infinite Rush which you keep playing until you have run out of life. The more items you collect the more likely your colors will change in the background and the characters and foreground items. Cursed Rush has different levels of difficulty ranging from Hard to a fifth level called Cardcorest.

In Rainbow Rush, all you do is touch the screen to change in a lane in one of four lanes where you can collect rainbows and change the color of the game similar to what is done in Classic Rush. On-Off Rush has two modes which are Arcade Rush and Puzzle Rush.  In each mode you collect suns during the daytime and crescent moons when it is night.  You will start in the daytime and collect the suns while avoiding the moons, but when you reach the end at a wall it will be night time so you need to collect the moons at that time. The difference between Arcade and Puzzle is that you get one chance to collect everything in Arcade and multiple tries to get each item correctly in Puzzle. There is a lot you can do in this game, and it will never be the same time every time you play it.

Price: $0.99

Version discovered: 4.0

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 3.2 and up

Download size: 10.2 MB

Pix’n Love Rush on iTunes

dotTechies: We have tested all the apps listed above. However, iOS Apps of the Day articles are not intended as “reviews” but rather as “heads-up” to help you discover new apps. Always use your best judgement when downloading apps, such as trying trial/free versions before purchasing paid apps, if applicable.

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