It is back: 1 year domain registration for $0.99 from GoDaddy (includes free hosting and email).

Update: This offer has now expired.

Recall how last year had a $0.99 1 year domain registration and $1.99 1 year domain registration offer? I am kind of obsessed with registering domains, so I signed myself up for a SlickDeals alert in case the deals ever came around again. Well they have.

For a limited time you can get 1 year domain registration for $0.99 + $0.20 ICANN fee to equal a grand total of $1.19! Just enter LOVE99 in the coupon code box at your cart right before you check out. This is limited to one use of this coupon code per account. Each domain registration includes free extras such as email and hosting (the hosting is limited but more then enough for someone that wants to, lets say, blog).

I have confirmed the coupon code to work with the following types of domains:







If you know of any other domains that this coupon works with let me know. If you are interested in this offer, visit now.

While we are on this topic, note that all .INFO domains at are $0.99 – no coupon required and no limit per account – in case you are interested.

Remember after the first year will charge you a $9.99 renewal fee per domain per year. However you can usually find coupons for $7.49 renewals. If you don’t want to renew your domain, be sure to cancel before they charge you!


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  • Or maybe if I make a website called I won’t have to write this damned essay.

  • Ambuj,

    Thats a lame excuse :P
    On the serious note, I fully understand you now. Up to you bro.

    And thanks for the website suggestions. I will be sure to keep them in mind. I especially like

  • Ashraf,

    You missed my point. My point is not that the web hosting offer is not good enough (I said it but it wasn’t my point). My point is that I did not find the purchase process transparent enough. When I see lack of transparency, I become suspicious. Everything my be alright, but when I become suspicious I look twice before leaping. And since I don’t desperately need a cheap domain name, I am taking things easy.

    If you are looking for suggestions for domains to register, here are a couple of suggestions:

    Both of them are available and go with your interests.

  • Ambuj,

    You miss the point of this offer. The web hosting is just an ‘extra’. This offer’s main point is the domain! If you are purchasing this deal for the hosting…you are mislead =).

    With my 11 domains, I have them all hosted with my hosting plan – I am not using any of the domains with GoDaddy hosting that came with my domain.

    If you are interested in web hosting, you should check out my list of good/bad webhosts:

    All my domains are via GoDaddy and hosting via Ebound (the first host I recommend). I paid something like $140 for two years – includes free domain for one year. Recent blemishes have hurt my view of Ebound, but generally they are still very good.

  • What I meant was that if someone goes to their homepage, selects the domain name to register, and proceeds to check out, s/he wouldn’t know what is free, what’s not and what’s ad-supported. Yes, there is a page which explains everything, but unless you are vigilant, you are most likely to miss it. Once I was at the check out page and realized that the only thing I knew is that I am purchasing a web domain and at no point of time I was presented with Terms and Conditions of what I can do and what they offer, I became skeptical and started to look around more info on their site. Only then I reached that page that listed the freebies with the strings attached. I am not comfortable in dealing with websites that (try to) hide important info like this from the consumers.

    I always knew GoDaddy as a very well known domain name provider. The reason I got excited by the offer is because you said that it comes with free limited web hosting. I thought the ‘limited’ was regarding space (which I honestly didn’t need much of), but it turned out that the limitation was it being ad-supported. That’s why I didn’t go ahead. Maybe someday if I figure out a good domain name provider AND web host, I will register it. Just having a domain name doesn’t solve my problem.

  • What do you mean? You can find out all the ‘freebies’ that come with each domain here:

    However, as I said, yes it is limited hosting. But more then good enough for a startup – if you get enough traffic migrate to better hosting.

    And I can confirm GoDaddy is 100% legit – I have 11 domains with them (I usually use 3…).

    The only reason I have not jumped on this offer yet is that I am trying to decide what domain to register. Too bad is taken.

  • As someone who had been troubled a lot by the frequent downtime of host, this looked like the offer to go for. But after clicking through a few times I realized that the free hosting that comes with the domain is ad-supported. This was a big let down for me. Also, since they had discreetly hidden the complete details of the offer (like what’s included and what’s not), it made me uncomfortable trusting them.

  • internetexplorer

    Great find! Much better than Yahoo who wants $30 US for renewal!