Securely hide your important documents and files with My Lockbox.

We all know that if we want to keep a file safe, we can encrypt it and thus prevent prying eyes from viewing it. But ever wanted to keep others from viewing your files but didn’t feel like going through the hassle of encrypting all your files? My Lockbox offers a solution to that problem.


My Lockbox is a security application that allows you to securely hide your important documents and files. My Lockbox works in a simple fashion: During installation My Lockbox creates a folder called “My Lockbox” on your computer. Whatever you want to hide, you place it in this folder. You can place whatever files or documents you want in there; you can place as many documents or files as you want in there – there is no file size limit. Then when you are ready to hide the files and documents, just hit “Lock” from the My Lockbox program window. The folder “My Lockbox” and everything inside of it will thus be completely hidden from view. No one, including an Administrator or “System”, will be able to view or access the folder “My LockBox” or the contents of the folder without first unlocking it. There is also an option to keep the “My Lockbox” folder and contents hidden in Windows safe mode.

To ensure privacy, you have the ability to password protect the My LockBox program so that only you can lock or unlock your “My LockBox” folder.

If you have one specific folder that already contains all the important files you would like to hide and you do not want to move all the files to the “My LockBox” folder, you can direct My LockBox to hide your specific folder instead of the “My LockBox” folder.

Unfortunately, My Lockbox can only hide one folder at a time. However, all the subfolders that are in the folder you designate My Lockbox to hide will be hidden so you can organize your files into subfolders and have them all hidden at once by placing them in the “My Lockbox” folder.

My Lockbox likes to start off/sit in the system tray so if you don’t see the program window, double click on the system tray icon to make it appear:


The system tray icon will disappear after you “Lock” the Lockbox.

Also, it may be wise to delete the desktop icon and the start menu entries for My Lockbox so people don’t know you use the program. It is not totally necessary to do this, but doing so will provide you with another layer of extra security.

Lastly, please keep in mind that My Lockbox hides your folder and the contents inside. It does not encrypt. My Lockbox is not a replacement for programs like TrueCrypt or AxCrypt; the encryption provided by TrueCrypt or AxCrypt is more secure then the protection provided by My Lockbox. My Lockbox is just a convenient, easy to use program that provides an alternative method of preventing the average unwanted visitor from accessing your important document and files.

If you are still interested, you can download My Lockbox from the following:

Version reviewed: v1.2

FSPro Labs

Direct download link

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  • Nikola

    Yes, there is a way to get your files back, follow this guide :

  • Ashraf

    It is not possible to recover PW for My Lockbox nor the files, as far as I know. Sorry.

  • Anthony

    Is someone able to help retrieve a lost password or at least the files that are in the lockbox folder? I have lost my pw because I did not use lockbox for months but there are priority files in this folder and I need to retrieve them, PLEASE help me out ???!! Thanks for replying by email if possible ( Please please please this is very important for me.

  • Mukesh

    I have forgotten my lockbox password…. please can anyone help me….

  • rimal

    i have forgotten my lockbox password………….please can anyone help me out

  • Ahmed

    Is there a way to recover the password?

  • IndoMK

    This does absolutely nothing to protect files from access through another operating system, correct?

  • wdhpr

    This looks like a handy tool.
    Thanks Ashraf

  • pito

    Thanks, will try it

  • harendra

    can you plz help how to recover files from my lockbox because i have forgot the password, plz reply to my mail id

  • pravin

    It’s really a goodstuff;otherwise…… n guess what! yes i forgot password PLZ! PLZ! HELP ME!!

  • shannon

    ok i’m feeling really stupid. i changed my password the other nite (don’t change your password when you’re tired and unlikely to remember it, not a good plan) and i can’t remember it. how can i get to my files? anyway to recover a forgotten password? i’m feeling really dumb right about now. i have absolutely no idea what i changed my password to. i’ve tried everything i can think of. going slightly insane trying to figure out wut it was. any help on how to get to my lockboxed stuff would be very much appreciated :)

    edit: so to make myself feel dumber right after i first posted this i remembered my password :) but in case i have this problem again or somebody else does, if someone wants to answer my question that might be nice :D

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    I always google words I am not sure how to spell, haha.

  • Jean Luc Picard

    Firefox caught me when I was typing it….

  • I was having my doubts as well but no spell check said anything >.>’

  • “Securly” should be “Securely”.

  • David Roper

    Thanks, Ashraf. It looks like just the ideal program to hide those folders of pictures, movies, and private documents that you don’t want people accidentally stumbling into.