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  • Giovanni

    Hi Ashraf!!

    As I’ve just said in the GAOTD forum this GAOTD looks like a good ADVERT (who cares??) made by the same PUBLISHER of previous GAOTD (ArcticLine Software) since, after installing it, it prompts you to install a new version which turns out to be SHAREWARE even though vers 3 was given here earlier (last July if I’m not mistaken).

    Did the PUBLISHER try to PULL OUR LEGS giving us an outdated version of this program?? Yes. he probably did…LOL!!

    What do you make of it??

    OTHER GOOD FREEWARE ALTERNATIVES besides those mentioned here:

    – IcoFX 1.6.4 (VISTA COMPATIBLE)


    See SCREENSHOTS here:


    Probably the BEST freeware ICON EDITOR available on the market: an all-in-one solution for icon creation, extraction and editing. It is designed to work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Macintosh and even Windows 7.

    KEY FEATURES here:


    – Rainbow Folders (VISTA COMPATIBLE):


    Excellent and easy-to-use tool allowing you to change color of your icons to boost your computer usage speed & skills.

    It’s FREE even for commercial use: yes you got it right…LOL!!


    · allows you to change folder’s icon color to really any you want and not just one of the predefinated colors.

    . doesn’t ingerate in system using ‘force’ as it uses standard methods which are used by system internally to mark special folders (like My documents).

    · doesn’t modify any system files or Registry, so it will never lead to any system conflicts or something like this

    · It’s an easy to use tool and also has many configuration possibilities

    · with this tool not only you can change the folder’s color but you can also protect it from deleting by mistake by replacing the standard “Confirm folder deletation” dialog with dialog warning the user about deleting important system folder

    · ability to add an optional text that will ‘pop up’ when the cursour stops above the folder’s icon for a while, so you can for instance warn other computer users with hints like ‘Don’t delete me, I’m a very important folder’ etc…

    · ability to colorize as much folders as you like. There’s no known limitation in the system

    · doesn’t need to work whole time in the background for the effects to be visible

    · can easily decolorize colorized folder, so if you changed your mind there’s no problem with returning to the old folder view

    · it has a very detailed help file, which will guide you step by step by colorizing process and explain to you every advanced option

    · doesn’t have an installer, so it will not mess up your Registry or take up your disk space.

    – AVEDESK 1.4


    A program that allows you to customize the look and performance of your desktop, by managing little components named desklets which can update themselves.

    – iColorFolder 1.4.2 (VISTA compatible)


    A useful utility that will organise and change your folder icon easily and effectively colorizing your folders with just a right-click. It doesn’t require the “.NET Framework” file as it has been entirely rewritten in C++.

    – iWellsoft Folder Magic 1.0 (VISTA COMPATIBLE)


    Perfect in helping you organize a large number of desktop folders with plenty style and color. When you open a folder, you also can change the style of the icon, the background of the window or the color of the text.

    The folder can be pretended into my computer, network connection, Web page, recycle bin, control panel, task scheduler, printer and network places.

    – 130 Fun Desktop Folder Icons 2 (no VISTA COMPATIBLE)




    IconTweaker allows you to customize Windows with different sets of icon themes. It comes with several themes to choose from and additional ones can be added later. You can choose to change all icons according to the theme, and also set different icons for selected files and/or folders. The program provides an easy to use interface, and can restore your original icons at any time.You can customize all icons on your desktop, folder icons, drive icons, network icons, file icons and cursors. The theme system allows you to apply a set of icons at once.

    If you want to download tons of Animated Wallpapers, Icons, Visual Styles, Themes and Skins for your DESKTOP, look at these links:

    http://www.download.com/Massassi-Star-Wars-Desktop-Icons/3000-2318_4-10148736.html?tag=mncol (a zip file containing a lot of ICONS, a number of animated icons and cursors (.cur, .ani, and .ico) of Star Wars, All episodes, including Attack of the Clones. No VISTA COMPATIBLE).

    – WINDOWS SIDEBAR STYLER 2.0.6 (only for VISTA users)


    Customize your VISTA SIDEBAR with styles and more powerful gadgets. A tool that will take advantage of various technologies introduced in Windows Vista in order to provide extensions to the existing functionality of Windows Sidebar.

    – Shedko Badges 1.5 (no VISTA compatible)

    A free program that in a blink of an eye will assist you in searching lost files or imperceptible folders. It adds items on the context menu, tab to dialog of properties of files and folders as well as new column into Explorer. It features 10 different kinds of badges, each represents its own semantic category: certified, cool, danger, delete, distinguished, favourite, important, new, personal and so on. Unlike other programs, which operate with icons, Badges can place a badge even on removable disks, hard disks and network drives! Any badge can be shown even in the system tray if your storage device appears to be full.



    Organize your files, folders, programs keeping links to related apps, files and folders in one easy to access place all grouped the way you want.

    Finally, if you want to create nice WINDOWS ICONS using your favourite pictures or digital photos, EASY PICTURE2ICON 2.5 (VISTA COMPATIBLE) is the perfect tool to do this:


    Since it has the ability to convert any digital pictures in the formats BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG and PNG to WINDOWS ICONS, this wonderful tool make it possible to use any GRAPHICAL EDITOR and not just an ICON EDITOR to produce WINDOWS ICONS. Moreover the ICONS can be even used in your time planner or for the timer plan, making your schedule and timetable more effective and nicer.


    – True color icons
    – Single image icon file
    – Multiple icons in one Windows icon file
    – Transparent color icons
    – Image edge cutting to fit icon function
    – Image resize to fit icon function
    – Image resize to fit icon function and keeping the original shape of the image
    – The supported icon sizes are 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48
    – Requires Microsoft .NET Framework

    Have a good evening.