Developer response + fix for Driver Magician issue.

A few hours ago I posted about the questionable methods of the developer of Driver Magician. Recall I mentioned that I was in contact with the developer and was waiting to see what his/her response would be. I have since received an email response from him/her. While I won’t post exactly what the mail said, I can tell you in the developer’s eyes the whole must-enter-registration-to-use-auto-setup is not a trick at all. However after a little bit of jocking around the developer has recognized the issue and informed me that he/she may “consider” a fix it in “future versions”. Of course to most of us this statement is worth little to nothing but just thought I should get it out there.

So the developer is of no help to us (right now). I promised that I would show you guys a way to attain the registration name and code if the developer provided no solution. Well don’t worry – I plan on keeping that promise.

Disclaimer: Officially GOTD TOS says that you may not install software attained via GOTD past the initial download day. While you may now have the registration information for this software you are still obliged to follow these rules. I am only showing you how to attain the registration code so you can use the software as fully described by the developer. By following the below method you agree to my stipulation that you will not share the registration code with anyone or assit them them to install DM past the GOTD day.

  • Open Start Menu.
  • Run regedit (XP users go to Run -> regedit while Vista users can type in regedit right in the box). You should see something similar to this:

Warning: Be very careful of what you do with regedit. One wrong move and you can trash your whole computer. Just follow my directions and you should be good.


  • From the left hand tree menu, double click on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”:


  • Double click on “Software”:


  • Single left click on “Driver Magician” (you may have to scroll up/down depending on what programs you have on your computer):


  • Look at the area which is to the right of the navigation tree list. You should see a bunch of values/entries related to Driver Magician. We are only interested in the information which is in the “data column” for the “serialnumber” and “username” rows:


The “serialnumber” is your registration code while the “username” is the registration name. Write these down and keep them safe. I have the serialnumber blurred out because this post is not about how to attain Driver Magician for free. It is about how to attain the registration code for Driver Magician after you have installed it on your computer from GOTD so you can use all the features. If you post below asking for the registration code for DM, chances are I will ban you (depends on my mood).

Okay so that is it. Please note that I will not be giving out registration codes. The method I have shown above is on how to find the registration code from your own computer. If you do not install Driver Magician in the time period defined by GOTD, tough luck; this post is not a “grab Driver Magician for free” post. This post is a post on a work around so GOTDers can make full use of Driver Magician as claimed by the developer.

Hope that helps.

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  • pinso

    I think this warez is extremely useful because it can save a considerable amount of time, Printer,Mobile,External HDD etc etc…Drivers can be backed up. But everyhting installed in Winxp ,Vista,Win7 needs to be registered. Till now i h backed up my Drivers, but dont know how do i restore it…..Any suggestion ….here

  • Sunny

    Ditto, ditto.
    Where are you Ash? Come back man, we need you!

  • MichaelC

    Well, I ended up here because GOTD is offering Driver Magician again today and one comment referred to your reviews on 9/29/9. Thank-you. I always appreciate your detailed work & the time you take to evaluate GOTD’s software. It is valuable information you offer, and I’ve found some great programs here at dottech, too.

  • Ed

    I did one better. Uninstalled Driver Magician and decided to use the other alternative you suggest. I could understand playing games if they were the only software in town; not nice, but I could understand. Now they can go play games with themselves. Cheers and thanks for the good work.

  • Shankar

    In a forum, somebody suggested to copy the folder in WINDOWS programs and use it later and it had worked to that user. Why not to others by zipping?

    This issue is very important in GOTD programmes. Why suitable methods are not suggested by experts, early?

  • I’m glad the people at this site have found out about this “issue” and have a workaround. I still feel a bit angry about all the other people on GOTD that will get “stuck” by this company. Many of them don’t come to this site themselves.

    Do you know if GOTD will do something about it like you have? Maybe enough pressure will get the company to shape up.

    It’s nice to know someone cares enough to help.


  • Anemailname

    Thanks Ash!
    I always look for your comments first on GOTD.
    This is indeed a great program, and I’m happy to say the codes were a snap to find on XP PRO X64.
    Thank you for not only adding your comments but for also being fair and balanced in those comments!

  • Dan Laemont

    Allow me to join the legions thanking you for the work and the community service you provide. I am a ‘lurker’ on your site, but this latest effort on your part has simply made me get off my duff and say something; WELL DONE AND MUCH APPRECIATION!!!

  • longfeng

    thanks man.

  • Madhu Vasudevan

    You didn’t have to, but you did!
    Thanks to your info, I could get to the bottom of this driver magician trick. I had installed it on 6 computers! The Vista Premium 32-bit lookup went per your script. If I have trouble with the XP pros, I’ll holler for your help ;-)
    Your website is now one of my daily stops. So I wish you ALL THE BEST for your contributions to the community.
    And, as always, a big THANK YOU!

  • watcher13

    Thanks for going the extra mile here, Ash. It’s too bad the developer can’t see that they’re coming off as deceptive here, whether that’s a fair critcism or not.

  • Ed

    Pity indeed. Maybe dottech and giveaway of the day should stop promoting their software until they come clean. Or tell us the software will be useless unless we hack the information. Not everyone reads your website (I do) and as for the other website it is just a place where you can find free software daily, but no warnings and even less attention paid to usefulness. Thank you for your service to the community.

  • jumbi

    Yes, it is that simple.
    (had done it from previous version, where the solution applied to reinstall also)

    Pitty the developer has this trick implemented, cause the program is indeed good and it is obvious the trick was done on purpose…

  • martin

    p.s. – how old are you in your picture (I’m 70)

  • David Roper

    Thanks. Of course it has to be there somewhere. Mucking around in the registry is for professionals and so this is safe only if you are in a viewing frame of mind.

    You are the man!! Again!!