Reviews will now be posted later in the day.


Since I started writing reviews for GOTD and posting them here, I have been putting them up within the hour of the posting of the new software on GOTD everyday (bar the delayed reviews because of technical difficulties). Well with DST now messing up my time (we do not observe DST here), I have to stay up till 1-2 AM in the morning writing these reviews. Now I can do this once in a while, but I cannot do this every single day – the lack of sleep is taking a toll on me.

So, I decided that instead of trying to fight sleep, inshAllah I will start posting reviews when I wake up – usually this will be around 5-6 AM PST, but may be later if I oversleep. So please check at your convenience, but just be warned that if you are an early bird, and/or live across the world, my reviews will be up later then usual.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

Thank you.


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