Internet Explorer 8 is out – and better than ever.

Today Microsoft has officially release Internet Explorer 8 for the general public. IE 8 is a vast improvement over previous versions: it is faster, more secure and more compatible.

The question of the day: does IE 8 offer anything that existing version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. don’t already have? No, not really. However for avid IE fans this is a huge, and welcome, upgrade. Also, regardless of if you use IE or not, you really should upgrade to IE 8 because, well, there may come a time when you have to use IE and you may as well be using the latest and most improved version.

A full list of features for IE 8 is available here.

You can read up on some IE 8 benchmarks here.

You can download IE 8 from here.

Update: I ran into a problem while trying to download IE 8. When clicking on the download links, no download would pop up. To fix this, even though “United States” was already selected as the “country/region”, I had to manually select another country then change back to “United States” for the download links to work. Try that if you face the same problem. I am in Firefox 3.0.7.

Here is what the installation process for IE 8 will look like, more or less (note that you don’t have to uninstall IE 7 before installing IE 8 – just run the installer after you download it):






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  • bill

    ie8 is SLOW to start up. i tried it on 4 computers, 3 with xp and 1 with vista. you click on ie8 then delay then it opens. the delay is unacceptable. other people have posted about it but it seems alot of people are just not telling the truth about its peppiness. Also my computers are beefy and should not have this problem

  • Ways for MS to improve IE:
    -Copy Firefox’s source code and add support for ActiveX and an IE8 Vista theme.
    -Totally dump the whole idea.
    -Copy Chrome and add activeX and a IE8 Vista theme.


  • mukhi

    i must say IE still couldn’t catch up. i like MS but it’s a shame for MS that they could not improve IE to the extent we want or at least we need although MS has been copying firefox since it started. i would not use IE until some website does not display properly in firefox (or some other “issues”). i use IE tab in firefox if IE is desperately needed and it works like a charm. IE8 is more headache than IE7 as it even does not show some features in orkut like chat window and many more.

  • J. L.

    Well, I’d prioritize any of my programs over IE (with maybe a few exceptions, depending on the situation). Anyways, thanks for replying so soon,

  • I’d upgrade when it’s pushed to Windows Update, which could be a little bit. Just my 2$ (I’m expensive. JK, I just couldn’t find the ¢ symbol. Oops. Just did.)

  • Not sure. A lot of people have been reporting problems w/ IE 8. However it runs just fine on my computer. It could be a conflict with some program installed on your computer.

  • J. L.

    After installing IE8, I found that my system actually got slower, and the browser doesn’t seem to open properly (freezing with 100% cpu usage).

    Here are some examples:
    Explorer.exe, and Task Manager became less responsive.
    My Avira’s (version 9, Premium) update.exe became a CPU hog, taking way to long to even scan for an update.
    SandBoxie’s Immediate Recovery got considerably slower.
    Media Player Classic totally controlled the system once, Task Manager won’t pop-up, all keyboard shortcut key I know of were useless, normal video controls won’t work, until the video ended. Although it was running full-screen and at Above Normal priority (by default), I’ve never had a problem like this before.
    Even Comodo was falling behind.
    Etc, etc.

    Now, after uninstalling it (plus its update to ensure every trace of it is gone), everything is back to normal. Do you have an idea on how IE8 could cause this system-wide problem? Even if I happened to stumble upon a corrupted installation, I don’t plan on moving towards IE8 any time soon (unless it is some kind of major security update over IE7), I use Firefox (plus IE Tab) as my default browser anyways.

  • Shill Sycophant,

    May I suggest…Firefox?

  • Shill Sycophant

    The ‘MSN/Windows Live toolbar with silverlight’ is a pretty cool add-on for IE8, but I do like the Chrome browser. Now if you could get the MSN toobar on Chrome. Should I switch to IE8, I don’t know. I just don’t know

  • Not in the USA Mario :P

  • Mario

    haven’t you noticed ( not in this particular download ) that many times it is hard to get thru to the download, but once you actually start downloading, the speed seems quite normal? Like busy phone lines – the problem is to get a line, but once you’re connected you talk normally?
    During all this years I’ve seen this happen frequently.

  • Mario,

    It definitely was not a server overload. The website loaded instantly but the download did not. Also when I did what I mention above the download came up instantly.

  • Mario

    Hi Ashraf,
    maybe the problem you had was with overloaded servers on MS. I had to wait quite a while for anything to appear in the same page you mentioned.
    I’m running FF 3.0.6. Some time after installing the 3.0.7 I had a terrible BSD on my Vista so I re-installed the 3.0.6. After the installation I was running a de-fragmentation so I’m not sure of who caused the problem. Will reinstall 3.0.7 again and see what happens.
    mario from Brasil