The results are in: dotTechies love CCleaner

After an exhaustive three weeks of voting, dotTechies have decided:  CCleaner, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera are our three favorite pieces of software.

That is a screenshot of all the pieces of software with more than one vote.

View the table here.


CCleaner, called “a veteran in the field of privacy and registry cleaning” by Ashraf, is a popular piece of Windows cleansing software.

CCleaner homepage

[Direct download – non-toolbar or portable version]

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, called “the most epic web browser ever” by me just now, is a web browser.  I’m using it right now to make this article!

Firefox homepage

[Direct download]

[Direct download – portable version]


Opera, a we-have-everything Internet suite, is developed by… Opera software.  It has a unique interface that is designed to be easy to use.


PowerPro “lets you take control of how you use Windows”. It “supplements the Windows shell with rapid, minimal-mouse click access to your most used commands while taking up little system resources, and to provide utilities related to Windows start-up and time. PowerPro lets you take control of how you use Windows. Run commands and configure your system any way you want.”

PowerPro Homepage

[Direct download link]

(Image from developer.)

Find and Run Robot (FARR)

FARR “is a program for keyboard maniacs — it uses an adaptive ‘live search’ function to rapidly find programs and documents on your computer as you type.

Press your chosen hotkey to display the FARR window, then just start typing the first letters of the application you want to launch and the results appear instantly. Hit enter to launch the top result, or refine your search with special modifiers and commands.”

(Image from developer.)

FARR homepage

[Direct download link]


WinUtilities ” is an award winning collection of tools to optimize and speedup your system performance. this suite contains utilities to clean registry, temporary files on your disks, erase your application and internet browser history, cache and cookies.”

You can read Ashraf’s review here.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo is the defacto uninstaller around the interwebs.  Its unique algorithm detects files that the built-in installers leave behind, leaving your computer closer to the state it was in before the software we installed.

(Screenshot from Softpedia.)


IrfanView is “a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 , 2008, Vista, Windows 7.”

(Image from developer.)


Says Ashraf, “if you are looking for the best protection, in terms of detecting malware, and are willing/are able to deal with the false positives, go for Avira.”

(Image from developer.)

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  • Yay for Opera!!!

  • Jan Bart

    Your URL to the “non-toolbar” slim-version of CCLEANER is incorrect.
    The correct link is: This version is 1.120 Kb.
    Your link still downloads the Yahoo-toolbar version of 3.308 Kb.
    Best regards,
    Jan Bart

  • jumbi

    nice results

  • I’m not surprised Firefox got to the top three of this list. As a long-time Firefox user, I can vouch for its awesomeness ;)

  • Rita


    I always thought it was InfraView, also.  I had to check out my program, and by gosh you are right.  Learn something new everyday. :)

  • Hi from Italy, here is my work on winapp2.ini to expand CCleaner capabilities
    I am fond of CCleaner, Avira, Revo and Chromium based-on browsers too

  • mouser

    happy to see my FARR program on the list! If anyone has any questions or feature requests don’t be shy about posting on our forum or emailing me.

    ps. ccleaner is a great program — can i humbly suggest that users of ccleaner might check out my little write up about keeping your internet cookies tidy using it?

  • @dean: Ha ha, nice catch.  Fixed (in about half a dozen places).

  • @all:  Yeah, it’s been open for quite a while :D

    @Philippe: There were a lot of “wow, I didn’t know about that, thanks!”

  • Jyo

    @Gioneo: It’s from “Ask dotTechies: What is your fav freeware”
    aww..I didn’t know you could only pick one… oh well, go 7-zip!!

  • Gvape

    @Gioneo: Neither did I :P

  • OldElmerFudd

    Can’t say enough good things about F.A.R.R. The author is actively developing the software and the website is full of goodies from all the active members. I recommend visiting the site first to understand better how their projects work.

  • Gioneo

    Didn’t know (or notice?) there was a vote going on. And I come here everyday…?

  • Joji

    CCleaner is beast! It’s the Stealth Bomber when you relate to it.
    The Stealth Bomber is a powerful weapon of mass destruction in MW2. It does a carpet bomb like Ccleaner does, detecting all the junk files in your computer! And man is it just me, or is Ccleaner the best free app ever!
    Long live Ccleaner! XD

  • dean

    It’s supposed to be “IrfanView” not “IfranView” :)

  • Philippe

    I don’t mind the result, but it was more that 150 answers on the question. And only about 12 for CCleaner….where are the other one. Anyway thanks for the explication about the software.

  • Joe_B_wan

    Well, I missed the vote somehow. But you’re right, CCleaner would be my top pick… when I’m not on my Linux Mint Helena machine. And Firefox is on both.
    Take Care, Beware, and Be Good!