US Judge grants Apple an injunction on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Two days ago, Google quietly dropped the price of their flagship smartphone the Galaxy Nexus to a tiny $349 off-contract. Today, California’s Northern District Court ruled that the device indeed infringes on some of Apple’s patents. Once Apple pays a measly $95 million bond, Samsung will be forced to stop importing and selling the device.

Apple sued for protection based on four of its software patents:

  • Patent No. 5,946,647: this patent turns phone numbers and email addresses into links automatically.
  •  Patent No. 8,086,604: this patent covers searching multiple data sources at once, and is used in Siri.
  • Patent No. 8,074,172: this patent covers autocomplete.
  • One more patent that covers slide to unlock.

Reuters reporter Dan Levine, also known as @FedcourtJunkie, covered the event live on Twitter, and reported that  “Koh’s ruling for Apple is driven by ‘604 patent, which involves unified search functionality”.

[via The Verge and Ars Technica]

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  • tom the horse

    I have an iPhone and I have to support iPhone users as well as iPad users in my place of business. But I am coming to dislike Apple as a whole more and more.

  • @JT: Technically, they’re all software-based patents, meaning that it’s Google that needs to invent new ways of doing things. But I totally agree: Apple is over-exercising their power in this.

    I hope Google comes up with a way to invalidate the patents. Searching multiple databases? there has to be prior art to that…

  • JT

    Now that sucks. I like the iPhone but I think it’s messed up to entirely block the sales of a particular device. If they’re that upset just make Samsung or google pay to license those patents. That would make apple more money, and make Samsung possibly come up with some other ways of doing things. Just my 2 cents worth.