Clamoring for attention, Microsoft comes to Toronto with a new retail store

Today, each major technology company seems to clamor for attention as it competes for the public’s eye. One of the newest ways to get the public’s attention is store expansion, a torch that Microsoft now carries proudly. Microsoft, which already has opened 29 retails stores across the United States, announced this last week (July 11th, 2012) that the company will open a new retail store in Toronto, Canada later this year. Samsung opened its own store to showcase the new Samsung Galaxy S III in Toronto earlier this week, and Microsoft looks to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs (both the 10.1-inch and 7-inch) this October—the time when Microsoft claims its 10.6-inch Surface tablet will arrive on electronic store shelves.

Microsoft will continue to open stores both domestically and internationally throughout this year and throughout 2013. Although the company has made no direct reference to other international stores, there are rumors of expansion in other countries outside of the US. Microsoft may open a new retail store in the UK next March (2013), what many believe will have London headquarters.

As Microsoft continues to clamor for attention (competing with other major tech companies), the company intends to have approximately 44 new retail stores open by June 2013. Other store locations mentioned for this year include Puerto Rico and convenient ‘Holiday stores’ in various locations. For those living in Toronto, the Microsoft store will be in the Yorkdale Shopping Center—although the date is still unclear on when the store will open.

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