EU expands Microsoft browser choice probe to include Windows 8

A few days back we reported how Microsoft is being investigated for not properly showing European users the browser selection screen on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 PCs. The saga continues with the European Unionexpanding its Microsoft probe to include Windows 8.

According to Reuters, some third parties allege Microsoft is blocking installation of third-party browsers (i.e. everything except Internet Explorer) on Windows RT tablets (the Windows 8 tablets that run on ARM chips) and is not providing full API access for non-Internet Explorer browsers in Windows 8. As such, the European Union’s Competition Commission is now including Windows 8 in the investigation it started earlier this week.

It is not entirely clear who the third parties are that made the allegations against Microsoft, if the allegations are true, and the penalties Microsoft will face if the allegations are indeed true. dotTech will report further on this development as we learn more. Stay tuned.

[via Engadget, Reuters]

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