It is official: Windows 8 will be released on October 26, 2012

There has been much speculation about the release date of Windows 8. Earlier this month Microsoft put much of the speculation to rest by announcing Windows 8 and Surface tablets will hit stores by the end of October. Now Microsoft has officially announced the exact day when Windows 8, and presumably Surface tablets also, will be available for sale: October 26, 2012.

Come October 26, 2012 consumers will be able to purchase Windows 8 in 109 different languages in 231 markets across the globe, whether that be a full retail version or a highly discounted upgrade pack. Although the Surface tablets aren’t specifically mentioned in this new announcement, they will also presumably be available on October 26.

Are you ready for what is being touted as the real ‘Post-PC’ era? We have a comment section for you to let us know.

[via, image credit Windows Steam Blog]

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  1. Rob (Down Under)

    I did not like the tangents that Win 7 went off on, and I still much prefer to use XP.
    What are the chances I will like the the tangents in Win 8 ?
    (I am betting zero chance)

    I had to use a Mac once, when getting a computer to work properly (and install a DVD player).
    I did not like the experience one little bit (detested it).
    Some of the smarmy things I dislike about Chrome, remind me of Apple.
    Mr Wdhpr, a very quick Google found a review of Ubuntu P P
    It mentions that –
    “Ubuntu 12.04 tips its hat to Mac OS X with a similar side Dock and System Settings panel”
    What are the chances I am going to like it ?