Windows 8 Store details revealed: Apps priced between $1.49-$999.99, Microsoft takes 20-30% cut

In the ‘Post-PC era’ an app store is a given on any platform that wants to succeed. So it isn’t very surprising that Windows 8 will have its own ‘Windows Store‘ which will feature Windows software. To date, however, there haven’t been very much details on exactly how Windows Store for Windows 8 will operate. We still don’t have all the concrete details but thanks to a blog post by Microsoft, we do have better insight on the pricing structure of Windows Store.

Software featured in Windows Store can either be free or priced as low as US$1.49 and as high as US$999.99. (Yes, there is no US$0.99 price point for Windows Store.) If a developer doesn’t want to charge an up-front cost for their app, developers are given the option to display advertisements inside apps (any ad network is supported that gets certified for Windows 8) and/or utilize in-app purchases. Keeping with the shareware tradition, Windows Store will also support seven-day trial apps.

Initially Microsoft will take a 30% cut of all Windows Store and in-app purchase sales but if an app reaches US$25,000 sales or more then Microsoft will drop that cut to 20%.

If a developer wants to run purchases through their own servers, they can do that but Microsoft will still take a cut of all Windows Store and in-app purchase sales. If a developer wants to avoid the Windows Store altogether, they can do that; Microsoft allows for distribution of software through non-Microsoft channels. However, all Metro apps must be distributed through Windows Store.

So… who’s excited for Windows 8?

[via The Verge, Microsoft]

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  • href=”″>Mike:
    Yeah I agree .99$ is great!

    Well surely.

    What about 30% that is THIRD of the profits, I think it’s too much!

  • Mike

    And why not allow $.99 applications? Psychologically as well as financially, more appealing to me than $1.49.

  • Peter

    Well, I already guessed that Win8 has been made for ‘Post-PC-era’, but I’ll keep my PC.

  • Stephen

    30% for just maintaining a Net site is thievery. Of course, the same is probably true of Apple, which has iPads made cheaply in China and charges a fortune in the U.S.

    In fact, many U.S. companies make their products in East Asia but price them as if they were made in the U.S., pocketing the excess profit. GREED prevails!

  • tejas

    I can’t work up any sort of enthusiasm for Win8.

  • Kelltic

    Who’s excited for Windows 8.

    Not me.