Lenovo: Windows 8 Pro tablets will sell for $500-$700, Windows RT tablets will be “$200-$300 less”

Despite rumors that Microsoft will sell its Windows RT Surface for US$199 and price the other Windows 8 Pro Surface around the same as current ultrabooks, pricing on the much-anticipated Windows 8-powered tablets have eluded us for the most part. Enter David Schmoock, Senior Vice President of Lenovo North America.

Schmoock revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that Windows 8 Pro tablets (the version of Windows 8 that runs on Intel/AMD x86-64 chips) will sell for US$500-US$700. Windows RT tablets (the version of Windows 8 that is powered by ARM-based chips) will cost US$200-US$300 less than Windows 8 Pro tablets, meaning Windows RT tablets could sell for anywhere between US$200-US$500. This means Lenovo’s own ThinkPad Tablet 2, a Windows RT tablet, will likely be priced in that range, and Schmoock’s estimate is more or less along the lines of an earlier rumor that stated Microsoft will sell its Windows RT Surface tablet for $199.

Schmoock also provided some commentary on Windows RT pricing:

RT will play in consumer and retail at very aggressive price points. It will do well but it’s going to be more of a consumer price point play to begin with.

Further, Schmoock feels Windows 8 Pro will be attractive to businesses whereas Windows RT is “a very good consumer box”.

Lenovo, an OEM Microsoft partner, earlier stated they aren’t too worried about Microsoft introducing its own Windows 8 tablets. Lenovo said it is treating Microsoft just like another competitor and will outdo Surface tablets by providing better hardware. Let’s hope Lenovo not only outdoes Microsoft on specs but also pricing because, as we all know, choice is always good for consumers. Oh and let’s also hope Lenovo doesn’t create crap Windows 8 tablets like they did/do with Android.

[via Engadget, Bloomberg]

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  • Mike

    @Ashraf: I think a big pro for the Pro tablet is an SD slot–lets you add a whopping 64GB of storage easily and economically.

    But, there has been alot of speculation and posturing–we’ll have to see what really pans out, in the end.

  • mukhi

    retina display or no retina display, if win8 tablet is sold at this price, i am sold.
    and, i don’t think win8 tablet will have poor battery life (i will be surprised if it does). many intel based laptops are power efficient, the only problem being not the chip but the OS. for example, OSX lion is much more power efficient than win7.

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: I agree. However, it should be mentioned while on the software side Windows 8 Pro will give iPad 3 a run for its money, the hardware side is still a tossup. Not everyone has the margins Apple has to put retina-quality displays in tablets. And battery life is still a tossup — Intel chips arent known for power efficiency.

  • Mike

    With this pricing, the Pro tablet, which can run regular Windows programs, will be directly competitive with the iPad 3–way cool. This pricing is significantly lower (by many hundreds of dollars) than what Microsoft itself has been talking–also way cool.