is now giving free 25 GB storage to all new users

The free 2GB Dropbox gives you not enough? Free 5GB of Google Drive doesn’t satisfy your hunger? Need more than the free 7GB of Skydrive? Missed out on’s earlier promotion of free 50GB? is here to help. In an attempt to fight off the growing competition, is increasing its free-5GB-for-free-accounts limit to 25GB.

Anyone that signs up for a new account between now and whenever this promotion ends gets free 25GB of storage for life. This account comes with all the perks (and limitations) of regular free accounts such as a file size limit of 100MB and access to mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, etc.) and desktop applications. It should be noted, however, free accounts are only for non-commercial use only and don’t come with the ability to sync files from your desktop, so if you are looking for these features you should go somewhere else. There also isn’t clear information on if free account contents is encrypted or not: the features page lists “secure transfer” and  “secure storage” as a feature for all accounts, including free accounts, but then prompts you to upgrade to paid accounts for 256-bit encryption.

Update: It looks like has now added the ability to sync files from your desktop for free accounts, despite its website claiming otherwise. Go to “My Account” -> “Get Box Sync” after logging in to download the sync program. Thanks PCbasics!

For those of you with existing accounts, this new promotion seems to be only for new users so either you need to create a new account to take advantage or suck it up.

Hit up the link below to get started with Take note you must register from the link below —’s regular free account page only offers 5GB. free 25 GB promo page

[via Ghacks | Image via ajleon]

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  • gtx

    If you have an old account and need more space, you can create new 25GB account with different e-mail and share the folder from this new account to old one. In this way you will get the folder with 25GB space. I’m using dropbox, so didn’t try to install Box Sync, but I believe you even should be able use this shared folder as normal folder for syncing files from your computer. Enjoy ;)

  • Calgarian2012

    Thanks for another great bit of information. Sync doe’s indeed work.

  • All traffic to and from Box is encrypted, when it refers to “paid accounts” for “256 bit encryption” they are referring to your data “at rest”.

    This is only available to paid enterprise user accounts.

  • AFPhys

    Thanks so much for this heads up!

  • jSwann0

    Merci beaucoup, Ashraf

  • Ashraf

    @Miron: Are you sure you are looking in the right place? I see it for me. You must be logged in then hover your mouse over “My Account”. A drop-down menu will appear that has the “Get Box Sync” option.

  • Miron

    Am I missing something? I don’t see the “Get Box Sync” under “My Account”

  • Ashraf

    @PCbasics: Thanks, I’ve updated the post.

  • @Ashraf: Yup, created folder and uploaded a song from the client after signing in. Went back to the web browser and my song was in the folder and was able to play it from the integrated music player.

  • Ashraf

    @Bruce: You are welcome!
    @PCbasics: Are you sure? Have you downloaded it and tried it yourself? To me it looks like you can download the client but you can’t use the sync features unless you upgrade. The account feature lists still show desktop sync as a feature for paid users. However, I haven’t tried sync myself so I confirm or deny anything aside from what I read off their website.

  • You can use the Box desktop sync client now… even if your a free user. Just sign into -> “My Account” -> “Get Box Sync”

  • Bruce

    Yes, I see that now. I did go to that page and clicked the “See all features” link at the left. That apparently took me to the normal pricing page, not one for the special. You get to the special via the boxes at the right of the page.


  • Ashraf

    @Bruce: You need to visit the link I provided in the article to get 25GB in the free account.

  • Bruce

    (Deleted because it wasn’t quite correct. See below.)