‘Fixing Computers’ comic graphs the different ways to fix Windows, Linux, and Mac problems

Computer problem. Reboot. Fixed.

Ever notice that most of the time rebooting your Windows PC solves any technical glitches or other problems you are having? How does rebooting stack up against other common Windows repair techniques? How about Linux — what do you do on there if you have problems? Mac? The following comic by Something of that Ilk shows you just that:

Come on, let’s have it — how many times have you slapped your monitor after being unable to fix a problem? Haha… :-)

[via Something of that Ilk]

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  • LOL that close Firefox is one of the positive solutions for Windows ;)

  • I run Linux. This is surprisingly accurate.

  • Ed

    I honestly never slapped the monitor. I have gone to, then realized that the monitor is not the computer and will do nothing (and then I slapped the tower).

  • Raeldin

    I know everyone is chuckling at this, but there is a lot of truth to this one. :-0