After 25 years, Microsoft has a new corporate logo

How long ago since Microsoft has changed its corporate logo? According to Jeff Hansen, General Manager of Brand Strategy at Microsoft, it has been a whopping 25 years. Now, among its re-branding attempts with Windows 8,, Skydrive, Office 2013, and more, Microsoft has officially unveiled a new corporate logo.

The new logo, which can be seen in the screenshot above, is a mix of modern, clean elements combined with the traditional Windows symbol, an anchor to Microsoft throughout the years. The font being used in this logo is Segoe which, according to Hansen, is the same font Microsoft is using across its other products (such as the ones mentioned above). The different colors in the symbol represent Microsoft’s three main product lines: Windows (blue), Office (orange), and Xbox (green). The yellow, apparently, doesn’t stand for anything significant (yet).

The new logo is in stark contrast with the previous one. The previous logo, which debuted in 1987, was (is) an all black, slightly italics “Microsoft”. It had (has) no colors or images. Looking at the 1987 logo and the ones before it, the new Microsoft logo is a fairly huge departure from the part.

Personally speaking, I feel the Microsoft logo looks like it could have been created in Microsoft Paint but that is the beauty of it — it is a clean, refreshing design which goes in line with what Microsoft is trying to do with its products. What do you think about the new Microsoft logo? Love it? Hate it? Wish you thought of it yourself then sold it to Microsoft for a handsome payoff? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Engadget, Microsoft]

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  • Prema


    wait the swastika is a Satanic Illuminati Logo? or are you talking about 4 squares in a big square as a satanic logo…

  • Mario

    @hatman: Hello “hatman”.. I think you’ve misspelled your name when typing it – there’s an “e” missing after the letter “t”.

  • Zapped Sparky

    @Daniel Lovejoy: Inside the box is the new blue sky thinking, allowing the corporation as a whole to focus and put the ball into the back of the net :)

    As to the colours, maybe the yellow is for updates.

  • Unicorn02

    Seems they ran out of creativity. No more money to pay for good designers. When I see all those new “cool” simplistic designs, I wonder why we still need VGA Monitors. Looks like back to EGA.

  • Prema

    it’s kinda blandish. 1987 was simpler, but it feels much better than the 2012 one. But i wish i thought of something as simple as this.. i would be rolling in dough right about now…

    heh. I would probably give it a 5.5 / 10.. it’s new and classy, but i just dont “feel” it?!?!

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    Does this logo imply they are no longer thinking outside the box?

  • hatman


    It is a Satanic Illuminati Logo. The Banks will give them Billions of Dollars because the Logo means solidarity with Satan and his followers.

  • Mike

    Boring and lacking creativity or interest.

  • hatman


    It’s all conspiracy IMHO!

  • Ashraf

    @hatman: Not everything is a conspiracy…
    @Jackie: The flag logo hasn’t died off. That flag logo is specifically for Windows 8. This is the Microsoft corporate logo.

  • Jackie

    The flag logo was better.

  • hatman

    There is a Swastika hidden in that Logo!