Apple just helped Samsung sell more Galaxy S IIIs, according to a report

If overheard Starbucks conversations are to be believed, the Apple v Samsung trial has piqued interest in Samsung devices — interest that may not otherwise be there if Apple hadn’t brought suit against the Korean giant. Now Trip Chowdhry, managing director of Global Equities Research, is claiming the curse of the forbidden fruit may be favoring Samsung also.

Chowdhry picked Costco, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint retail stores at random and checked their sales numbers during the weekend immediately following the Apple vs Samsung verdict (i.e. this past weekend). Chowdhry found a spike in Galaxy S III sales for that weekend: two out of three Costco stores were sold out of AT&T and T-Mobile Galaxy S IIIs while the third had T-Mobile Galaxy S3 in stock but not the AT&T version; two of out five Sprint stores had outages of Galaxy S3 while all five reported the S3 as the selling more than the iPhone 4S; and three Verizon stores reported the Galaxy S3 sold more than the iPhone 4S, although the units did not go out of stock.

To play devil’s advocate,

  • It doesn’t appear as if Chowdhry used a sample size large enough to make a statistically-sound general conclusion about Galaxy S III sales trend this weekend.
  • One reason behind the Galaxy S III’s dominance this weekend could be that customers are holding back on iPhone 4S purchases in anticipation of the iPhone 5.
  • While he notes Galaxy S3 sales at AT&T stores have been well performing all of August, Chowdhry doesn’t provide any details on Galaxy S III sales performance prior to this Friday. As such, there is no frame of reference to compare to. (Galaxy S III is, after all, the device to have the most pre-orders ever.)

So we could potentially question Chowdhry’s results. However, Chowdhry seems pretty adamant that customers “rushed” to purchase the S3 this past weekend:

Customers rushed to buy Samsung Galaxy S III this weekend, with some stores reporting stock out.

While Chowdhry doesn’t come out and state it explicitly, reading between the lines suggests Chowdhry feels the reason for this spike in sales is because of the fear that the Galaxy S III may not be available for purchase in the United States in the near future, courtesy Apple. In other words, Apple just helped accelerate demand for Samsung products. Oops, again?

[via Forbes, NYPost]

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  • Nate’s an Idiot

    @Nate: Stores have been slashing the prices on the S3? Where, exactly, do you get this nonsense you call facts?

  • Nate

    hahaha! You moron – Samsung sales have gone up because stores have been slashing the price. If this is the best analysis you can come up with, “Trip” (nice Americanized name) Chowdry should be ashamed to call himself an intelligent Indian.

  • Eric

    @Rob (Down Under):
    Thanks for your response. I personally don’t use Irfanview because I like Xnview’s tabbed interface much better and I have got it to do exactly what I want with autohotkey. I can switch forward and backward by clicking on the right or left half of the picture (an idea I got from the tiny portable imageviewer MycView), and I can do the same thing with the tabs with the space bar.

    Sorry to hear about your gonads being busted. That would take a substantial amount of blunt force trauma since you are a woman.(Pretend a smiley face is here.)In your part of the world that sort of injury is most often associated with kangaroo attacks. Perhaps you tried placing the laptops in her pouch? Ha Ha!

    Oh, and since we have gotten a little off topic (uhhh, go Samsung), I think I remember you mentioning using Pale Moon browser, so I thought I would mention Comodo IceDragon, the latest Firefox clone. Like PM it can be used at the same time as FF. Unfortunately, there is no portable version like there is with Comodo Dragon(it is an option within the regular installer), and there is no way to turn off silent updating unless you use a program like Winpatrol.

    And I also just learned of a way to run FF and FF portable at the same time. This is done by a tiny program called Twinfox. Don’t know how good it is because I haven’t tried it yet.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Haven’t gotten around to retrieving the Irfanview Settings from backup yet.
    There are a lot of things I am not getting around to at the moment.
    My neighbor works for a council, and he collects hard rubbish (eg Computers, etc)
    When he discovered that I could fix PCs (cough), he brought me about 4 laptops.
    I have gotten one of them working perfectly (17″ 4:3 screen), and have done fresh install of XP, and my favorite free programs, and I created a help file (Instructions) for his wife. He loves it.
    The other three are ‘busting my gonads’.

    I (faintly) recall, I had some problem way back, signing in, and created another sign in.

  • Eric

    @Rob (Down Under):
    Apple may have won the battle but lost the war.
    Rob, did you ever get your Irfanview sorted out from your backups and please tell me why you sometimes go by RobCr.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    For over 50 years, I did not believe there is a God.
    But two things may make me change my mind –
    1) This appears to be an act of God
    2) Reading his manual, he warned the first male of our species “Beware of Apple”