Rename groups of files at once with Solid Renamer [Windows]

Are you in a hurry to rename tons of files? If so, you definitely know that typing in filenames one by one can be both a hassle and not worth it at all. Solid Renamer is probably the simplest batch renamer I’ve come across, and can reduce hours of work to mere minutes.

Using SolidExplorer is a two-step process. In step one, you locate the files you’re working on from as many directories as you want. You then add them to your list of files to work on with the Append button. Unfortunately, SolidExplorer does not yet support dragging and dropping files into the list.

In step two, you set the rules for how files are renamed. There’s not very many settings in Solid Renamer: you can insert a string at a certain position, replace strings, clip parts of filenames, add prefixes and suffixes, set filenames to entirely upper or lower case, and add numbers. It doesn’t support wildcards in search strings, either.

Overall, Solid Renamer is a nice renaming program. It doesn’t have the best of rules, nor the best file browser, but it’s much simpler than most other renaming programs, and is entirely free.

Price: Free!

Version Discovered: v1.1.1

Supported OS: Windows 2000+

Download size: 668KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/42

Portability: Requires installation

Solid Renamer homepage

[via AddictiveTips]

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  • Peaches

    @Bruce: Peaches
    There’s also Flash Renamer which is quite nice but not quite free.

  • Bruce

    Yes, the dynamic list of proposed changes. Very, very useful way to be certain before you go for it.

  • Ashraf

    @Mr.Dave: Thanks, Dave!

  • Mr.Dave

    Here are my two favorite renamers. Together they solve every renaming situation I’ve encountered.

    Oscar’s Renamer
    www dot mediachance dot com/free/renamer.htm

    This was my favorites but did not run in Vista, so I had to stop using. Just found out last week that it’s back, in a “pro” (still free) version that runs under Vista, 7 and still XP. Very unique approach:
    1. Select files from built-in file explorer, or select in your favorite file manager, right-click and select “Renamer”.
    2. A list of all the files is shown. Edit the names…
    a. like you would any document – use insert, delete, overtype, arrow keys, etc.
    b. using search and replace
    c. recording a macro while changing one name and apply it to any other names one at a time, or all of them
    d. write a “microscript”, a simple program, to do more complex changes.
    e. use built-in options to change case / capitalize, add numbers, etc.
    3. Save or discard the changes.
    This is SO MUCH EASIER than changing names one at a time! If you’re making the same change to all names, this is no harder than most other renamers.

    1-4a Rename (one for all)
    www dot 1-4a dot com/rename/

    Very complex because of all the options, but is has a simple mode and an advanced mode. Select a folder of files, add one or many options like insert, replace, append, change case, remove spaces, swap before/after separator, etc. Edit names, extensions, or both; select names in folder using a filter like *.xls”. Very fast and like Oscar’s Ranamer Pro, it shows how the changes affect the names. It also shows any names that will be incorrect or duplicates.

  • Ashraf

    @Eric: Thanks for the tips!
    @Bruce and @annie: Bulk Rename Utility sounded familiar so I searched for it. Turns out we have an article on it

  • annie

    Another vote for Bulk Rename Utility, it really is awesome.

    The interface is a bit on the geeky side, but my family of non-geeks, initially put off by the interface, got right into it once they’d seen how easy it was to use.

    Powerful, very very flexible, shows you a dynamic list of the changes being applied as you type. Fast.

  • Bruce

    I’ll add this one to my stable of renamers. My regular one in Bulk Rename Utility. I haven’t done many comparisons with the other ones as this is the one I got started with, but I’m sure there are a few specialized features that some of them might uniquely offer.

    BRU features include (some of which I’ve never penetrated):
    – Replacement by text or regular expression
    – Remove characters (lots of criteria)
    – Add prefix, suffix, or insert
    – Add date (lots of formats)
    – Add numbering (lots of formats)
    – Rearrange characters in name
    – Append folder name
    – Select files, folders, subfolders, etc.
    – Change names in place, or copy or move files to new folder

    There’s also a Command Line version that should be useful for executing frequently used setups via batch files.

  • Eric

    Never tried Solid Renamer but I know Ant Renamer Portable is very good. It was recently a big help to another Dottech user who had a bunch of Pictures with missing file extensions.

    Ant Renamer has two advantages in that it is portable and supports drag and drop.

    Another option is Filer Frog. It isn’t portable and it is not really a renamer but it has some pretty good renaming functions and a whole lot more. It is a right click context menu item that can rename, extract, split, merge, encrypt, catalog, copy, or move files plus more. Two other useful functions are Touch, which changes the file’s date modified to help with sorting, and Copy Path to Clipboard, which I use probably more than any other function. It’s only drawback is that is in not quite as powerful of a file renamer as a dedicated program.