Clean up your Android device with 1Tap Eraser [Android]

Is your phone full of crud? Even if you spray it down with a cleaning solution every day and wipe it with a new microfiber cloth, there’s still files on your phone that are filling it up, using up your storage space, and unveiling private data. 1Tap Eraser can erase app caches, call logs, SMSes, browser history, and search history from your device.

1Tap has four different modes of erasure. There’s an automatic, scheduled eraser, a one-tap eraser, a one-tap eraser widget, and manual history eraser. When defining what to erase, you can choose between a all-but mode and a nothing-but mode, in which you you choose what specifically to save or delete.

1Tap is a very convenient tool for erasing any and all non-necessary personal data from your device. It’s quick, supports a number of apps, and is entirely free.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v0.92

Requires: Android 2.0.1+

Download size: 273KB

1Tap Eraser on Play Store

[via AddictiveTips]

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