Have trouble keeping up with your bills? Download Pageonce – Money & Bills [iPhone]

Pageonce is one of the top bill and money management apps on the market. It allows you to manage all of your money and track all of your spending in one place. Pageonce currently supports over 6000 providers, including credit card, mortgage, and utility companies. You simply use your online accounts with these providers to link them to Pageonce, which allows you to monitor them in real-time. This allows you to know exactly what is going on with your accounts at all time. So if you want to know your most recent transactions or how close to the limit you are on your credit card, this app will show you that information immediately.

Pageonce is another one of those indispensable apps that once you start using it, you will never stop. Hypothetically, you could cancel all you paper statements and just rely on this app to pay your bills. Pageonce not only reminds you when your bills are due through push notifications, but also offers a bill pay option for $0.30 per payment. Though being charged isn’t ideal, the app does let you pay off your bills with your credit cards, which can lead to getting great reward points. If you have a great rewards card and you do the math, you might end up ahead of things by using their bill pay system, which is extremely convenient.

It is worth mentioning that Pageonce adheres to the toughest requirements for security on the Web, so your information stays safe and secure. It even provides a 4-digit pin that you can use for access to the app. There is also a full Pageonce website with all the same information on it that allows you to deactivate access to your mobile device if it were to get stolen.

Price: Free

Version discovered: 5.51

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 3.0 and up

Download size: 19.0 MB

Pageonce – Money & Bills on iTunes

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  • Ashraf

    @JT: I believe another way they make money is through affiliate links/transactions, i.e. they make money every time they send a customer to a credit card company or bank or etc.

  • Brett

    @JT: Mint and Pageonce have third-party services that are a part of their apps. They aren’t the typical ads at the top or bottom, but rather services like mortgage & investment companies that are aloud to show offers on their apps in certain sections, but you just don’t go into those sections if you don’t want to. I am not sure about Manilla, as their app has no ads or third party services.

  • JT

    @Brett: It does help a lot thanks!! My other question is how do these apps make money and stay in business? Are they ad supported, or do the benefit some other way? I see pageonce can make money off the .30 per transaction fee, but wondering about the rest. Thanks again for your advice.

  • Brett

    @JT: I am writing an article soon on this subject, but here is a quick description of the 3 services:

    *Mint is more of a net worth site. It does banks, investments, credit cards, but not utilities. It does alert you to bills, but without utilities, what is the point?
    *Manilla concentrates just on bills and does it very well. I found all of my providers (credit cards, mortgage, gas, power, water, trash, sewage, etc.) without an issue. If they are missing one, send them an email and they will add it.
    *Pageonce does both and is probably the go to site for everything bills, but I just don’t like their app as much as Manilla. They also don’t do money management as well as Mint.

    So basically I choose to go with Mint + Manilla, because they do their specialty better than Pageonce does it as a whole in my opinion. In reality, though, I am just being picky here. Pageonce is an excellent service and gives you everything in one place, including being able to pay your bills with a credit card (with a fee) for rewards purposes. I would suggest Pageonce to anyone starting out, because it covers everything.

    I hope this helped. Good luck!

  • JT

    Thanks for letting me know. If you don’t mind me asking what do you like better about Manilla over Pageonce? It would be much nicer to have all of the bills to be paid in one place, instead of going through 20 different websites every month to pay everything.

  • Brett

    @JT: I have been using both Pageonce & Mint for a year and never had a problem. I actually use Manilla over Pageonce, but that is just personal preference. All of these applications are not just iPhone apps, but major websites that have a ton of subcribers. Their security has to be tremendous or they wouldn’t be in business. Each website will have a section on security if you want to read about it. Maybe it will put your mind at ease.

    Also note that if you own a house and want a bill management app, Mint won’t be enough to handle that. It is the best apo for tracking finances, but you need to use Pageonce or Manilla for true bill management of a house/condo. These apps are absolutely indispensable to me and I would recommend them to anyone that listened.

  • JT

    Looks interesting. Have you personally tried, and liked this app? I’m cautious about giving another app access to my credit cards, and bills. Same thing concerned me about the Mint app as well. Both seem very helpful, but how do I know what they are, or are not doing with my information?