Have trouble keeping up with your bills? Download Pageonce – Money & Bills [iPhone]

Pageonce is one of the top bill and money management apps on the market. It allows you to manage all of your money and track all of your spending in one place. Pageonce currently supports over 6000 providers, including credit card, mortgage, and utility companies. You simply use your online accounts with these providers to link them to Pageonce, which allows you to monitor them in real-time. This allows you to know exactly what is going on with your accounts at all time. So if you want to know your most recent transactions or how close to the limit you are on your credit card, this app will show you that information immediately.

Pageonce is another one of those indispensable apps that once you start using it, you will never stop. Hypothetically, you could cancel all you paper statements and just rely on this app to pay your bills. Pageonce not only reminds you when your bills are due through push notifications, but also offers a bill pay option for $0.30 per payment. Though being charged isn’t ideal, the app does let you pay off your bills with your credit cards, which can lead to getting great reward points. If you have a great rewards card and you do the math, you might end up ahead of things by using their bill pay system, which is extremely convenient.

It is worth mentioning that Pageonce adheres to the toughest requirements for security on the Web, so your information stays safe and secure. It even provides a 4-digit pin that you can use for access to the app. There is also a full Pageonce website with all the same information on it that allows you to deactivate access to your mobile device if it were to get stolen.

Price: Free

Version discovered: 5.51

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 3.0 and up

Download size: 19.0 MB

Pageonce – Money & Bills on iTunes

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