Temporarily mute your phone with Phone Silencer [Android]

Are you in a meeting for the next half hour? Do you want to mute your phone for the night? If you are, don’t rely on yourself to remember unmuting your phone. (You remember how well that worked out!) Instead, use Phone Silencer to unmute your phone at a scheduled time.

The app itself is just a wall of text. The real function appears when you lower your volume to mute using your volume keys: a window pops up, asking you for a time to turn your phone back from mute. You can select a time, never, or, in case you muted it accidentally, to return your phone to a previous mode.

Phone Silencer is a great app for anyone who’s prone to accidentally leaving their phone muted. If that’s you, install Phone Silencer now–for the sake of anyone who tries to call or text you.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v1.2.4

Requires: Android 1.5+

Download size: 110KB

Phone Silencer on Play Store

[via MakeUseOf]

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    Never mind, I worked it out myself.
    The problem was Google decided to change ‘Android Market’ to “Play Store”
    I did have a brief look at that before posting here, but it appeared to be just for downloading Videos, and music. When you get to 71, you detest videos and music, so I looked no further.
    Whilst awaiting a response from here, I Googled and dug further, to discover Google had renamed Android Market, without getting my permission/advice.
    Regarding whether ‘Mute’ gives a visual indication, it does not. But not a problem as you can toggle it (tap once, tap again), watching the brief ToolTip that appears to tell you if it is On or Off.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I don’t think the app you describe here is exactly what I was just searching for.
    I sleep weird hours, and like to send my friends a sms when a thought enters my head (and before it permanently leaves my head).
    My mate gets awoken when I do that.
    I am looking for a free app (for him and me) that mutes all sounds, when you tap it, and later un- mutes when you tap it. (No scheduling).
    I found this, which looks good –
    Not sure if it gives adequate visual indication as to whether it is on or off, but such is life.
    I can report back after I install it.
    I did install a couple of apps when I first got the phone, but none since. And I now have ICS in my Samsung Galaxy 2
    Could someone advise me how to download/install the flippin thing ?
    Thanks, Rob
    PS My app mutes everything (emails,sms notifications, etc).
    Your article is based on the premise that someone can mute by turning the volume down to 0
    Does that mute every type of sound / notification ?