QuickMark allows you to scan and generate barcodes [iPhone]

QuickMark is barcode reader and generator for your iOS device. Simply place the barcode in your camera viewfinder and it will automatically grab the information from the barcode. From reading a barcode, QuickMark will be able to access web links, make phone calls, send emails, add contacts, navigate maps, check in to a location, add calendar events, and even conduct a search online. And once you scan any barcode, the information therein will be synced across all your devices by way of iCloud. QuickMark also provides the ability to share any of the scanned information to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Read It Later, and Instapaper.

It is also worth noting that there is a Google Chrome extension for QuickMarks. You can actually grab all of your scanning history and then view websites online instead of on your phone. I could see many Chrome users taking advantage of this feature. Some users might also be interested in the fact that QuickMark supports many 1D barcodes that often are found on packages, goods, bills, and books. But you might need to use an external macro lens in order for it to work. Some people might interested in this, depending on their field of interest.

Price: $0.99

Version discovered: 4.3.3

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 4.0 and up

Download size: 4.2 MB

QuickMark – QR Code Reader on iTunes

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  • strawberry
  • cindy313

    i’ve ever generated barcode on my iphone(http://www.keepautomation.com/products/iphone_barcode/), but i just do not find one reader for phone,so lucky to see this

  • Ashraf

    @Brett: I can see that. I suppose I personally would use QR codes more often if they were more widely available, meaning I got into the habit of using them.

  • Brett

    @Ashraf: Funny that you asked that, because my wife needed one the other day. She got a coupon in the mail for a store she loves and there was a QR code there to go directly to their Web site sale page. She was ecstatic that when I showed her how it worked. I also used the reader on your site when the previous author was writing the iAotD articles. It seemed much easier to me than searching itunes.

    I am unsure how often people actually use it in the public though.

  • Ashraf

    Out of curiosity, do people actually scan QR codes? I’ve had a QR code reader on my phone since I started with Android two years ago but I can’t remember a real life example of actually needing to whip out my phone and scan a code.