What is created in Switzerland during the winter? How about… frozen cars [Amazing Photo of the Day]

I remember a winter when we used to live in New York City. That winter New York was hit by a huge snowstorm, one that dumped so much snow that cars were literally buried in the stuff. Not only did I lose the car keys in the snow, that snowstorm was a pretty bad storm even by New York standards. By Romanian Switzerland standards, however, it could be considered a joke.

Update: Turns out this is a photo of Lake Geneva, Switzerland not of a place in Romania. Sorry for the confusion everybody! Thanks Miki for notifying me of my mistake.

The following is a photograph of the 2011/2012 2004/2005 winter season in a seaside Romanian city Lake Geneva, Switzerland. As you can see, everything is literally frozen:

…And here I thought we have it bad in the States. Note to self: never visit Romania Switzerland in the winter.

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