Chinese firm copyrights leaked iPhone 5 design, will sue Apple once iPhone 5 is released

Remember the Goophone i5? You know, the Android-powered iPhone 5 clone a Chinese company built based on iPhone 5 rumors. Yeah, well, as it turns out not only did the Chinese firm built a knock-off iPhone 5 before the real iPhone 5 hit the streets, but the firm has also now patented the leaked iPhone 5 design — or should I say the Goophone i5 design — in China. The best part? The company plans on suing Apple should they release a similar looking iPhone 5 in China.

I’m not well versed with Chinese patent and/or copyright law (heck I’m not well versed in any patent/copyright law…) so I’m not sure how valid Goophone’s claims against Apple will be, if it indeed does sue Apple. Still, this is poetic justice at its best. Karma really is a bitch.

[via BGR | Image via mRio]

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  • Mike

    With the greatest respect for Chinese innovation and the companies that do that, but doesn’t this tactic just sound, so, well, Chinese business and KIRF-like as influenced by U.S. crazy lawsuit attempts?

  • kevbo

    Ah well, not only can Karma be a bitch, but Apple should have been careful for what they wished, or should I say sued. After reading the reports on the unprecedented sales of Samsung phones following on the heels of the Apple copyright suit, and now reading this, perhaps Apple has shot themselves in the foot twice. The second time by awakening the dreaded patent trolls who were slumbering until disturbed by the ringing of a (potential) $1 billion settlement.

    Bloomberg Business Week (among many others) had an article on this yesterday (9/6) for those who doubt the veracity of Ashraf’s reporting, or better yet, go to the Goophone’s Chinese site and see it for yourself.

  • Eric

    Another Apple-like company? Why not? Can’t have to many of those.

  • Bruce

    Utter rubbish.
    This sounds like a bad April Fools joke.
    A case like that would never get out of the gate.
    The only Karma here is what is going to come down on this company if they try to sue Apple.