Chinese firm copyrights leaked iPhone 5 design, will sue Apple once iPhone 5 is released

Remember the Goophone i5? You know, the Android-powered iPhone 5 clone a Chinese company built based on iPhone 5 rumors. Yeah, well, as it turns out not only did the Chinese firm built a knock-off iPhone 5 before the real iPhone 5 hit the streets, but the firm has also now patented the leaked iPhone 5 design — or should I say the Goophone i5 design — in China. The best part? The company plans on suing Apple should they release a similar looking iPhone 5 in China.

I’m not well versed with Chinese patent and/or copyright law (heck I’m not well versed in any patent/copyright law…) so I’m not sure how valid Goophone’s claims against Apple will be, if it indeed does sue Apple. Still, this is poetic justice at its best. Karma really is a bitch.

[via BGR | Image via mRio]

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