Fight village fires using a giant water cannon with Sprinkle [Android]

Pshhhhh! The fire quickly disappears as you shoot it with the thirty meter water cannon. That takes care of that problem! It appears that the most recent meteor shower has endangered the Titan village, and it’s your job to put them out.

In Sprinkle, you play the role of the water cannon controller. You get to choose both cannon angle and cannon height, and can even sometimes use your finger to move objects across the screen. Other than that, though, you’re powerless, so you’ve got to manipulate the various blocks, planks, and wheels with your cannon. It sounds like it might be easy, but it most definitely is not!

The Free version of Sprinkles is just to whet your appetite. It includes but six levels, while the full version includes 60 more levels and five more worlds! Sprinkles is a fun little game with a wacky backstory. If you’re interested in physics games, try Sprinkles–you’ll like it!

Price: Free with $1.99 full version

Version discovered: v1.0.4

Requires: Android 2.3+

Download size: 16MB

Sprinkle on Play Store

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