Manage your to-do lists in style with Orderly [iPhone]

Orderly handles to-do lists in a unique, gesture-oriented manner. The app contains a coded ranking system that automatically prioritizes your to-dos. The main screen of Orderly displays your to-do lists on beautifully designed sticky notes, with different rows based on priority (i.e. high, medium, low). Each row is its own functioning group of to-dos, so you are able to swipe to the left if you have more than 3 to-do stickies in that category.

Though the iOS App Market is saturated with to-do apps, including powerhouses like Evernote and OneNote, I came away impressed with Orderly. The user interface is breathtaking with perfectly colored sticky notes adhered to an iOS bookshelf background. The gesture controls are an excellent addition as they allow you to zoom, mark as complete, delete to-dos, and move/delete lists. I also appreciated that Orderly offers both a Home and Work view, given that it is likely one group of to-dos has nothing to do with other. The only thing missing here was some type of syncing capability, which is a major flaw given that you are relying on the app with very important lists. I did notice that the developer seems to be working on DropBox integration, so you know they are on top of the issue.

Price: $0.99 (Free as 0f 9/8)

Version discovered: 1.3

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 5.0 and up

Download size: 4.6 MB

Orderly on iTunes

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  • horseonovich


    Point taken, Brett. I saw the “strike-out” on your “free-” comment moments after I posted, but after reviewing my own piece, well, I just didn’t have the heart to go in and remove the almost haiku-esque symmetry of my entry. Pulling the final paragraph post press-time might have thrown the entire piece out of harmony thus necessitating a need to rewrite it from the ground up. And I’m trying to get out of here now so’s I can have me that “Orderly-Reminded” beer I was talking about earlier. Cheers, fellow NY’r. –H

  • Brett

    @horseonovich: Thanks for the input horseonovich (say that 10 times fast!). Orderly is indeed a nice little app. Small footprint and great coding involved.

    Just a note on the price. I often write these articles around a day in advance and sometimes sync the reviews with apps that go free, so I want to alert the reader to the possibility that it might still be free. Hence why a date is there.

  • horseonovich

    Ever the skeptic, I finally decided to give this one a try after reading the above, and then reviewing some of the other to-do style apps out there. The interface was intriguing compared to the usual ho-hum retina-burning horde of available crap-ola. I wanted something simple like this.

    Evernote is blocked from accessing the server from where I work. ( I have other uses for Evernote anyway.) I just wanted a shopping list, to-do, and /or work-tasks deal with no frills. I am tired of fishing out those linty bits of tattered, dog-ear, stained sticky-notes “reminders” that have been thrice laundered (and never looked at anyway).

    I figured hey, what the heck, I have an iPhone now (and yes, Mr Dot.Tech, I would have preferred an Android, but the company ponied for it), so why not use that instead?

    Well … I just wanted to say that Orderly is, indeed, an impressive little applet. Pleasing to use, and all that. I am not going to kick up my heels and run off an Irish jig or anything over it, but for .99 you really can’t go wrong. It does the job, it’s un-cluttered, and it’s useful. By the way, you can use voice as well, and it interfaces well with the iPhone functionality in that you can Email and share, etc. I don’t even need that much, but it’s there. Pretty to look at, too.

    Just one little peeve, my friend. It still costs .99 and, umm, last time I checked my calendar it wasn’t September 8 any more. Ah, big deal, right? Cheers. Oops … I gotta pick up some beer on the way home. Opening Orderly even as we speak….