Plight of the Zombie: Strategy game in which you play as a zombie in a non-zombie world [iPad]

All the zombie games released nowadays are mostly about surviving after a zombie apocalyptic event as a human, but what will happen if the world turned upside down and a zombie gets to live in a non-zombie world? Well that’s what “Plight of the Zombie” is about. Let’s see what this different strategic game has to offer.

In Plight of the Zombie zombies are roaming outside while Craig, the person you control, spends most of his time at home watching TV. When Craig decides to go outside for a burger, he gets attacked by a zombie is transformed… into a zombie. From them on you must control Craig and guide him throughout the city because, as we all know, a brainless zombie cannot do anything on his own.

The gameplay is quite similar to Flight Control where you have to use your finger to draw a path for Craig. You have to drag a path for the zombies to help Craig get human brains while avoiding conflicts with humans. You can also tap on the zombies to stop their movements for a while which is necessary when you are controlling multiple zombies. Avoiding people makes things much easier and eating brains will help you to unlock new levels while earning coins.

The amount of strategy I noticed in the game is quite surprising. Stuff like brains will disappear if you don’t get to them quickly, different zombies have different powers and strengths, and following human movements make the game challenging. However, there are control issues that make the game slightly disturbing. Sometimes when you are dragging path, you will notice “off path” drag and incorrect unit selection. Even if you are ready to overlook this problem, there is the long loading time between levels and lengthy levels that may annoy you.

If you are ready to overlook its negative sides, Plight of the Zombie is certainly a unique, strategic path drawing game that should be tried by all puzzle game fans.

Price: $2.99

Version discovered: 1.04

Requires iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G and iPad; iOS 4.0 or later

Download size: 46.4 MB

Plight of the Zombie on iTunes

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