Dive into the web with Dolphin Browser HD, an excellent third-party browser [iPad]

I love browsing the internet on my iPad. Surfing the web is one of the iPad’s primary functions, as far as I’m concerned – much more adaptable (and reliable) than my cellphone, and definitely more professional looking than squinting at a phone screen when you’re trying to show something to a client. However, the default iPad browser doesn’t quite measure up, in my opinion. So one of the first things I did when I got my iPad was to change it’s default browser to an app I like better: Dolphin Browser HD for iPad.

Dolphin has the pretty tabbed browsing of Chrome and Firefox. It’s fast and responsive, allows you to choose your search engine, save passwords, lock it in landscape or portrait mode, and even comes with a built in pop-up browser (for browsing at non-full screen). If you use Dolphin across multiple platforms or devices (I also use the Android version on my phone), there’s an account sync that will keep your bookmarks and can even reopen the last tabs you had open on the previous device.

For the more touch-oriented (and if you’re using an iPad, you probably are), you can create different touch gestures by clicking the “pointing hand” in the upper right of the browser. With a simple drawing of the capital letter N, a new tab will open. A capital G brings up Google. T brings up Twitter, and a 2 brings up Amazon. These are just the default gestures that come with the app – you can design your own to load any of your favorite sites with a quick drawing of a symbol. You can even have gestures that perform navigational options, such as a V to go to the bottom of the page, or a ^ to go back to the top.

The intuitive gesture system is one of my favorite parts of Dolphin Browser for iPad.

Aside from that, Dolphin Browser has a simple options menu which allows you to add a bookmark, create a gesture for a specific page, find on page, share, mail the link, and even open the page in Safari if you need to for whatever reason. Dolphin is a full-featured and capable browser that is clear and easy to understand and control. Highly recommended.

Price: FREE

Version discovered: 5.4

Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Download size: 8.5 MB

Dolphin Browser HD on Apple App Store

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