Is the sky falling? No, that is a dust storm [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Anyone that has lived in the desert knows how dangerous a dust storm can be. However, dust storms have a pretty side to them, too — if even from the sky. The following is a photograph of the aerial view of a dust storm that is hitting or about to hit Phoenix, Arizona USA. Check it out:

…I’m just glad I am viewing this from the safety of my home. Who is the genius that came up with the idea for humans to live in a desert?

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  • Ashwin

    Nice .

  • JonE

    @Ashraf: Sorry Boss; I meant for my last comment to be linked to yours. Oops!

  • JonE

    I’ve been all over this country both during my time in the military and my time driving truck and so I’ve been through quite a few bad storms. A so called dust storm creates the same kind of damage a severe Thunderstorm might, including lightening, but with the added disadvantage of acting like a sand blaster.

    The desert is an amazing place; I saw things in the desert you just don’t see anywhere else, such as dust devils (little tornado like things that scream across the desert tearing things up as it goes). But, when you see one of those brown swirling clouds headed you way it’s time to get inside. Dang thing is you could wrap yours in shrink wrap or some kind of sealed suit and that damn sand is going to find a way in your underwear; I hated that part.

  • Mr.Dave

    Can’t see the photo today (404 error) so I’ll have to rely on memories. I lived in Phoenix for 15 years. Dust storms hit several times a year, mostly in late summer. A massive dark wall would appear on the horizon, wind would pick up, a light rain would fail to make the dust stick to everything, and then wham! High winds, no way to see anything, keep your eyes and mouth closed…. I don’t remember it leaving any more dust than usual inside our houses and cars, but the swimming pool would have a layer of silt on the bottom. And yes, these things can sandblast the paint off a car.

  • Ashraf

    @Nola Huggins: You are welcome!
    @JonE: From what I hear, dust storms are a lot more nasty than they sound.
    @rangandp: I’m not getting the same error as you. What browser are you using? Is it only when you try to open dotTech from an e-mail link? Did you try clearing browser cache?

  • rangandp

    Hi Ashraf,

    I am unable to open any of the links posted through e mail. I reproduce it:

    Content Encoding Error

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression

    Please solve it urgently.

    Rangan D P

  • JonE

    Yes, I have to agree, the photos are beautiful, magnificent even, but some of them, as amazing as they are, show things that are not what you would call beneficial to man . . . . . . . err we humans. But the destructive forces of nature and the animals that aren’t what you’d call friends of man . . . . . . . err we humans always make great photos. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been through several, what are referred to as, dust storms; I lived in the desert while in the military. If they were just dust storms they probably wouldn’t be as destructive as they are. Most of the dust (sand) storms I’ve been through usually caused some kind of damage, but one I remember vividly was so bad it sand blasted paint off of cars. And if you have a dust problem in your house then you haven’t seen anything till after you’ve been through one of these. The sand and dust always seem to find a way in.

    Would love to hear from anyone else who’s been through one of these so called dust storms.

  • Nola Huggins

    Thank you so much for all these beautiful photos you are posting each day. I really look forward to your email coming in each night (for us in NZ).