Samsung ad shows how much better the Galaxy S III is than the iPhone 5

It does take a genius to know the Galaxy S III is iPhone 5’s biggest competitor. It also doesn’t a take a genius to know Samsung is going to attack Apple on all fronts. So it isn’t surprising Samsung has conjured an ad that pits the Galaxy S III in a favorable light when compared to the iPhone 5.

(Note: The title of this article is not intended to mean that dotTech or Ashraf think the Galaxy S III is better than iPhone 5. While I would definitely purchase a S3 over iPhone 5 any day of the week, I will not make such authoritative claims without doing a proper comparison of the two. The title of this article is intended to pass on what Samsung thinks and to draw you in to read this article. I know, I’m a tricky sob.)

The following ad, which will run in print media, lists the differences between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III as perceived by Samsung:

Unsurprisingly, Samsung has designed the ad to make the Galaxy S III look better, such as how Samsung lists all the specific software features of the S3 but does not delve into the software advantages of the iPhone 5. Also, interestingly enough, Samsung insinuates the S3 has longer battery life than the iPhone 5, a tough claim to make considering Apple’s history.

We will likely never know if the Galaxy S III is indeed better than the iPhone 5 simply because both are great devices and different people will have different preferences. But the war between the two companies, when outside the courtroom, is interesting to watch even if ads will always be one-sided.

If you are an owner, or will be an owner, of either the Galaxy S III or the iPhone 5, please do share your thoughts on your devices in the comments below. Also feel free to let us know why you picked the one device over the other.

[via AppleInsider]

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  • chuck

    WTF are you f#cking kidding me!!!

    “It does take a genius to know the Galaxy S III is iPhone 5’s biggest competitor. It also doesn’t a take a genius to know…”

    It doesn’t take a genius to write an article about cell phones….shithead…

  • BarrysCool

    Interesting comment about battery life, my Galaxy S111 always outlasts all of my friends iPhone’s hands down. The Samsung Galaxy S111 has a removable battery and a dock for charging your phone as well as a spare battery at the same time. This gives you double time in battery hours. Try doing that with an iPhone.

  • I have been a iPhone user since day one and have had the original, 3G and 4G. I eventually got tired of the whole Apple experience (Apple telling me what I can and can’t do with my phone and having to use iTunes for evrything) and three weeks ago went and got the Galaxy S3.

    While the interface of the iPhone is much simpler than Android, I must admit that the option of adding media to the device is much simpler tha Apple and iTunes.

    Both are great phones. I had them both woking side by side (4G and S3) and the S3 is so much faster at everything (email, opening and closing apps and internet). The screen on the iPhone is hands down better. Pictures and video are more crisp than the S3. Even thought the bigger screen on the S3 is a huge plus. Apple said they wanted the phone to be comfortable in the users hand and the S3 is just fine in my hand.

    There is a learning curve going from iPhone to Android. Took me a weekend to feel somewhat comfortable with the phone. I still find myself doing functions the iPhone does that Android doesn’t but it nothing major (Except the keyboard). The Samsung keyboard is a big fail!!

    Overall I say the S3 is a better option than the iPhone. While some areas the iPhone shines over the S3 the overall user will like the S3 better (Bigger screen, longer battery (2 hours longer standby 4G vs S3), widgets and customization.

    Having seen the iPhone 5 release video I can feel good about my choice. Apple seems to be content with the form and overall use of the phones and will not move away from the mold they have used for 5 plus years.

    Apple users will feel frustrated making the switch. I say stick with Andriod and you will find out how much more you can do than with iPhone.

  • Brent

    Having had an iPhone before, I have to admit that I am really enjoying my new S3. It is a beautiful piece of equipment. Although I do miss the way Apple links all their devices together via” iTunes”. Samsung’s “Kies” is in need of serious improvements.

    As for Samsungs battery claims, I have to disagree, their performance in this regard is below that of the iPhone.

  • Bob Levy

    My choice is the Note II If and when It is available in the us. At a store I compared the iPad to the Note 1 and decided then and there I wanted the note but did not buy since I knew the announcement of the note 2 (or is it II) was soon.
    My puzzle is the naming of the Note Tablet and the Note phone!!! Is Samsung crazy or is it just me?

  • SilenceIsGolden

    I find interesting that the ad doesn’t say anything about the number of cores. To that end, considering that the iPhone went from dual to quad core — and in case the Galaxy doesn’t — it would totally explain the longer stand-by time.

    That was the first thing that sprang to my mind when I saw that the new iPhone will have a quad core: how much will that affect battery life (and, possibly, heat build-up)? I’m curious to hear about that, once it’ll hit the stands.

    But, yes, Ashraf, I’m with you on favoring the Galaxy. For me it’s just simple aesthetics, because I can’t stand the brick that is the iPhone.

  • Mayank

    Either Samsung S3 is better or iPhone 5 also depends on specific countries.

    Few days before I read an Article on “How iPhone 5 will be a disappointment in India” which states the major disadvantages of owning an iPhone 5 if you’re an Indian User.

    iPhone 5 hasn’t been officially launched in India and Apple hasn’t even spoken any words related to it so for an Indian user, S3 is the best phone now.

    I am an Indian resident and would recommend to buy S3 over iPhone 5.