[Opera] View the weather on Speed Dial screen with The Weather

I like to know the temperature is outside. Weather add ons and apps are something that I’m very fond of for that reason. However, I was a bit disappointed in The Weather extension for Opera.

It’s a simple enough install, and places a square on your Speed Dial that tells you to click it to set up. You’re then taken to your set up instructions, telling you to go to a certain website, search for your location, and click the “Use this location in Opera Speed Dial” button that will only appear if you have the extension installed. Easy enough to figure out – and yes, you can have multiple instances in your Speed Dial if you want to track the weather for more than one location. However, despite it’s ease and simplicity, I didn’t like one very specific thing about it.

The source website, and as a result, the temperature in your speed dial, is in Celsius. There is no way (that I found – if I’m wrong, please let me know!) to switch it to Fahrenheit. I don’t know how to read Celsius – I keep reading it accidentally as Fahrenheit, and wondering if it’s only 30 some odd degrees outside, why it’s so freaking hot. This add on would be perfect if you could pick which measurement system to display, but since you can’t, I can’t say that I like The Weather. I’ll be looking for an alternative for Opera in the future.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 3.0

Requires: Opera

The Weather at Opera Extensions

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