Apple abuses labor, pollutes the environment, and evades tax [Comic]

This past year Apple has taken a lot of heat over the labor practices of its contractors in China with stories such as students being forced to work in Foxconn factories assembling iPhone 5s or the extremely poor treatment of workers who work at manufacturing plants that Apple contracts out to. And Apple has a bad rap in the scientific circle for participating in something called “green washing” — making your products sound environmentally friendly even though they really aren’t. Apparently Apple also evades tax and bully governments:

Obviously the above is a comic poking fun at corporate America. However, validity of all other allegations side, it actually is a fact that many companies evade tax by not repatriating their monies made internationally back to the United States. It is what some may consider to be a loophole in current corporate tax law.

[via Joy of Tech]

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