Is that a real-life Batman symbol made of fire… in the middle of the street?! [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Batman, a popular comic book character known to much of the world, is not real (unfortunately). As much as we wish a man could turn into a superhero by using his fortune to build insanely cool gadgets and then fight criminals throughout the night… yeah, not real. And while I’m not going to say it is impossible to see a real-life imitation of a Batman symbol made of fire, I am going to say I don’t have one to show you. Well, not exactly.

The following is a photo of 3D art painted in the middle of the street in some city (I have no idea which city — if you do, post in the comments). While it obviously isn’t a “real” Batman symbol in the pit, it sure looks real. Check it out:

[via Facebook]

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