[Windows 8] View and download the magnificent Astronomy Picture of the Day in one beautiful, sleek interface

The world is a beautiful place. So is space. Every day for the last several years, NASA has been republishing one photo a day on their Astronomy Picture of the Day service, and it’s been brought to dozens of devices through the use of dedicated apps and services. However, no Astronomy Picture of the Day app I’ve ever used has compared to the Windows 8 app by the same name. Space combines perfectly with Windows 8’s extremely mimimalistic interface, forming the picture-perfect photo viewer that brings out the inherent beauty in the pictures.

The Astronomy Picture of the Day app has but one job: show you pictures of space. It does that job with great ease and agility, showcasing the efficiency of the Windows 8 platform and the beauty of the Windows Store design. When you click on one of the automatically-loaded photos, it takes you to a full-screen view of the same photo with absolutely nothing else shown. Bringing up the menu will let you open its web page, save the image, or view the even more incredible HD version.

For an app so simplistic, Astronomy Picture of the Day is stunning. It’s downright gorgeous. Anyone and everyone on running Windows 8 owes it to themselves to download and try out this app–and keep it forever.

Price: Free!

Last updated: never

Supported OS: Windows 8

Supported processors: x86/x64/ARM

Download size: 350KB

Astronomy Picture of the Day on Windows Store

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  • ritu

    Its beautiful :)

  • sragan5

    I’ve been going to the APOD website every day for a long time. If my trials and tribulations here on Earth occasionally weigh heavily upon me, I just go to the site, and imagine flying through the cosmos (maybe with Carl Sagan), visiting these amazing astronomical objects. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking, especially in HD, as you mentioned. And you also get a brief but understandable explanation of each photo by an actual astronomer. I’ve copied and downloaded many of them and use them as desktop wallpapers. You really don’t have to be an educated astronomer to appreciate the simple beauty of the sky above us.