[Firefox] Organize your bookmarks with Foxtab

So thanks to you lovely people, I have had my eyes opened to the wonderful world of all the bookmark managing systems that Firefox actually has to offer. So today, I bring you Foxtab.

I really, really like Foxtabs’ interface. The settings are easy to understand, and offer you quite a few customization options – from the way your Foxtabs are laid out, to background images, right down to how the website snapshot displays on the Foxtab.

Right clicking on any website will bring up your context menu, which will have “add to Top Sites” at the bottom of the list, and it’ll automatically be saved to your new tab screen – the Foxtab display page. This is Opera’s Speed Dial on steroids, with many different options for how your Top Sites are laid out – including several 3D views, a carousel, and even a “theater” view that makes you feel like you’re sitting at the back of an IMAX, trying to choose what site to visit next.

Foxtab also comes with…well, Foxtab. Say you have a lot of sites open all at once. Right click a site and choose “Foxtab” from the options. You’ll be brought to a page much like the Top Sites page – except instead of the top sites, it’ll be showing you every single tab that you have open. You can arrange them into groups for easier access, move them around, even view them in 3D from one of six angles to pick which one to bring to the forefront next.

I’m going to use Foxtab for awhile, but if anyone else knows more good Speed Dial look-alikes, be sure to pass them my way in the comments! I might just review them in the future!

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.4.5

Requires: Firefox

Foxtab on Firefox Add-ons

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  • Sylvia

    Ever since I downloaded Windows 8 Upgrader, my Foxtab is constantly getting messed around with on both the desktop AND the laptop (which runs in Windows 7 Pro). Some one or some thing keeps turning off the ‘set as home page’ option. Usually happens after I completely shut them both down.

  • bob


    Yes, just as I thought. another amateur effort that can’t handle pro level operation.

  • bob

    we will see just what this baby can do. I’ll give it a try. I run 200 plus tabs open at all times. Every program like this I have ever tried chokes and pukes. Will this one be another amateur level joke or will it handle 200 plus tabs. Lets see…..

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  • Eric989

    @Horrabin: I don’t think symbaloo lets you change the sizes either, but it lets you use logos which are a hundred times easier to distinguish than those screenshot things. I have posted an image of my setup on imgur. I never used imgur before so I hope it works. Note that some of the tiles are duplicates because I have yet to decide which looks better. You can even add more columns and rows than this if you want.
    If you insist on an addon, I think FVD speed dial was the most customizeable and allowed logos and maybe was resizeable but I can’t really remember.

  • Horrabin

    Works fine, at least in Waterfox 15 (64-bit version of Firefox). Haven’t worked out how to change the size of the preview windows, tiles, whatever they are calling them, for the grid view. That’s the problem I’ve had with some other “speed dial” type programs as well. Big screen, not so “big” vision…. if I could double their sizes so I can read them easier it would be very useful. Many website home pages look similar at first glance, especially when the little preview things are so small. In other views, such as the various carousel ones, the animation response seems very smooth and quick so it seems there’s no problem with v15 as far as I can tell. Possibly there are issues with Firefox (32-bit).

  • Sherwood Tucker

    Supposedly this does not work on FF 15+???

  • lifeartist

    I’ve just started to use Viewmarks which as bought many of my more unloved and dusty bookmarks back in to use and others deleted.

  • Eric989

    I posted late the last time you featured a bookmark manager so perhaps very few saw my comment, but I cannot recommend http://www.symbaloo.com/ enough. It is a webpage that works in all browsers on all systems. You can have over 50 bookmarks on a single page and multiple pages, and the thumbnails are completely customizable. It loads instantly even on dial-up and you can sync it online to any other browser on any other computer. It is a must have in my opinion.
    It claims to be an iGoogle replacement if that means anything to you. Check it out.