New Samsung ad mocks iPhone 5 fans, is still funny despite lack of originality

What do you do when your biggest competitor just announced, and is about to release, “the next big thing”? You create an ad that mocks that big thing to show consumers that “the next big thing is already here”. Just like what Samsung has done. Samsung is running a TV ad that, very directly, pokes fun at iSheep that stand in line for a new phone that, according to Samsung, is not anything very special.

In the ad, Samsung shows a bunch of soon-to-be iPhone 5 owners standing in line and discussing the new features on the iPhone 5, while they wait for the phone to be released. Samsung pokes fun at the people in line seem to be impressed by either trivial new features, features that Samsung’s Galaxy S III already has, or features that the iPhone 5 doesn’t have but will “get that next year”. The ad is actually very similar to last year’s ad in which Samsung made fun of iPhone 4S fans. Check it out:

Although being somewhat of a repeat diminishes its humorous qualities, the ad is still bloody funny — especially for Fandroids.

[via TechCrunch]

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