[Windows 8] MetroPuzzle is a simple, fun puzzler that makes you think

So few games released today are slow, relaxing puzzlers. That’s what makes MetroPuzzle stand out: rather than being all about rushing as fast as you can, it makes you stop and think. It’s all about the relationships between the blocks themselves, and trying to remove the central white shape by selecting blocks in the shape of the ones in the right hand column.

What is it and what does it do

In MeroPuzzle, you have to remove the entire white shape on the board by drawing out the shapes shown in the left hand column. There are a certain amount dictated by each level, and while you can rotate them, you must otherwise find those exact shapes in the larger white one.


  • Slow and relaxing
  • Simple but difficult
  • Makes you stop and think
  • Low level of sounds


  • Slow–very very slow.
  • Bright background
  • Low number of levels (14 total currently)

MetroPuzzle is a fun little game. It’s certainly not complicated; after reading the instructions, you should be good. To beat each level, you must get rid of the large set of white blocks by tracing out the Tetris-like pieces shown to the right the given number of times. If you can’t, you can always restart the level right from the menu.

There’s 14 levels in MetroPuzzle, and while that might last you a while, it’s still not very many. It could definitely go with more, including difficulty levels and perhaps even background color levels. MetroPuzzle is really not a complicated app at all.

Conclusion and download link

MetroPuzzle is a fun little game. While it’s not going to be winning the Complex Game of the Year 2012 award, that’s a good thing. What’s so cool abut MetroPuzzle isn’t the block removing and block placing. It’s the simple, relaxing nature of the game that lets you sit back and think not only about the blocks on the screen but everything.

Price: Free!

Supported OS: Windows 8

Supported architectures: x86/x64/ARM

Download size: 239KB

MetroPuzzle on Windows Store

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