[Firefox] Automatically hide YouTube video annotations with YouTube Hide Annotations

If you don’t like all of those annoying YouTube annotations that most YouTube producers love to add do their videos, then¬†YouTube Hide Annotations is for you.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This add-on lets you remove those pesky annotations without hassle.


  • Gets rid of the annotations automatically
  • No annoying button to contend with
  • Can enable annotations by clicking on the normal annotation button


  • Only gets rid of annotations, not ads
  • No easy way to enable/disable the extension


While this extension is a very simple one, it does what it says that it is going to do. One of the biggest pluses to this extension is the lack of a button to take up space somewhere on your screen; it does everything that needs to be done in the background without any fuss — simply install it and go. The best part? If you so choose, then you can re-enable annotations just by clicking on the built-in annotation button in YouTube.

Even though this is just a small extension, there are still problems that are associated with it. The first one is that there is no easy way to turn it off or on, aside from going into Firefox’s Add-on Manager and disabling it. While this may not seem like a big deal, it could be annoying to some who want the ability to quickly toggle the add-on on/off.

There is not much that I would improve on this extension. It does what it says it does — however, I would one feature and that is an ad blocker. While there are many ad blockers out there, if this extension had one and if it was all behind the scenes then there would be no need to download a separate add-on to block ads on YouTube.

Conclusion and download link

Overall this is a great extension if you don’t like annotations. It does everything that it needs to do, and there is no slowing to Firefox what so ever that was noticeable. I would definitely recommend this extension to anybody who watches YouTube videos regularly.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.1

Requires: Firefox 3.8+ on any OS

YouTube Hide Annotations addon page for Firefox

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