“The best part of getting older is…” [Comic]

I don’t consider myself to be old. In fact, I consider myself to be not old, aka young. So for me to claim I know about the joys of age would be ludicrous. However, I know what makes “young people” tick, so I had a nice smile when I read the following comic. Check it out:

Haha… yeah, I can see how that would be fun.

[via xkcd]

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  • oldtimer56

    Being accused of hacking on a fps for getting multiple headshots in a row, not bad for a oldman…

  • Ashraf

    @Shava Nerad: The mention of MMOs actually reminds me my WoW days when I was in a guild that included a whole family of WoW players — from the grandparents to the kids, and everything in between.

  • Shava Nerad

    Actually one of the best parts of being older is playing MMOs and having the teens and twenty somethings seize up when you get fussy over them being crude about women and gays and telling you you’re being fucking PC — and you telling them maybe it’s a generational thing.

    And then they find out that the incredibly buff Sith warrior they’ve been playing with is a 53-year-old woman in real life, basically their gramma with a boy in college, and they’ve been talking like they would never talk around their grandmother.

    It’s actually caused gaming trainwrecks, sadly. But upon occasion, it’s actually gotten the guys to think about that *anyone* could be on the other end of the keyboard…

    On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dawg….;)

    (saddest response: “omg, are you gay too?”)