Microsoft Surface tablets will be around $350, according to

The release of Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface tablets is almost here yet the speculation about Surface tablet pricing is still alive and kicking. We have had multiple people chip in over the months about Surface pricing, from a $199 rumor to Microsoft CEO hinting at iPad-like pricing. Today we have another interesting tidbit to share with you, one that shows Surface tablets at a price that is middle of the road in terms of the current market: $350 USD., the website for the “XXX for Dummies” book series, is running a contest that sees a winner receive a grand prize of a Microsoft Surface tablet, Windows 8 For Dummies, and Surface For Dummies. says the “approximate retail value” of this grand prize is $350. While it isn’t entirely clear which Surface tablet is giving away (it is likely the cheaper Windows RT version and not the Windows 8 Pro version), that means Microsoft Surface tablets may start off at a price around $350. In fact, if you put the retail values of the two books at $14.99 USD each, that means the Surface tablet (most likely the Windows RT one) is actually estimated to be less than $350 — $320, to be more specific. $320 isn’t as juicy as $199 but it sure as hell beats the heck out of iPad’s $499.


As a side but related note, anyone that wants to enter the contest for a chance of winning the tablet and the books can do so from here.

[via Ghacks]

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  • DoktorThomas

    Does the world not need another twenty tablet options? :-P
    The first word of the article headline says it all. No need to read further.
    I thought laptops, half the computer for twice the money, were foolish. Now there is a fraction of the laptop screen/processor for nominally more than the real thing. :-o
    A fool and her money are soon divergent…

  • Ashraf

    @Peter: It should be “winning” — sorry I fixed it now.
    @mukhi: No not yet but there will likely be 3G versions of Windows 8 tablets.

  • mukhi

    if MS office in winRT is made to display complex PPT identical to what we see in native win7, i may be sold. but then i am keeping my finger crossed for nexus 3G tab, too if the new MS office is available there. or, i may end up getting a phablet. dude, i am so freaking confused now…LOL.

    any info on using 3G in surface tabs?

  • Peter

    “… for a chance of wining…”
    Isn’t a “h” missing __^ there ?