[Windows] Color Archiver helps you find and save colors in HTML, hex, and more

Color Archiver is an application that acts as your color diary. Web developers and graphic artists will definitely find Color Archiver quite useful for what it is able to bring forward on the table.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Picking, saving, and searching for colors are the main duties of Color Archiver. It is intended to be used by web developers who want a place to save their favorite colors, or to find new colors to work with.


  • Many colors to choose from
  • Supports RGB, HSL, HSV, CMY and CMYK.
  • Shows color values in web format, hex format, long format, and HTML name
  • Has extra tools like color dropper, screen element measurement tool, and others to assist in color selection


  • Unable to edit color names
  • Cannot directly carry values from Color Archiver to another program


Getting started with Color Archiver is very easy since the application is lite and installs quickly. As a person with experience in webpage design, I found using the program easy to understand and very useful. The feature that many web developer may like is the option to save custom colors within the application, if remembering these colors is a problem.

The support of RGB, HSL, HSV, CMY and CMYK color models are a huge plus, and web developers will be excited about this. Another big feature is the ability to convert between Ascii/Decimal/Hex/Octal, support for saturation, lightness color space, mouse scroll support for all numeric fields, and mouse scroll support for zoom when capturing screen.

The downside of this app is the inability to edit color names when saving. This is a real problem — one that might cause users to go out seeking an alternative to Color Archiver for this very reason alone. Hopefully, in the next update, the developers will take heed to user demands and make it so we can edit color names.

Another drawback is if there comes a day I feel like no longer using Color Archiver, there is no way for me to carry values saved in Color Archiver to another program. Web developers do not take too kindly in not being able to easily move away from one application to the next.

Conclusion and download link

Color Archiver is a tiny utility that does its job very well. However, despite its abilities, the inability to do minor things like editing color names firmly cut Color Archiver from achieving a higher standard.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.3.0

Supported OS: Windows 98 and higher

Download size: 144KB

Virustotal scan results: 0/42

Is it portable? No

Color Archiver homepage

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  1. Ranjan

    There are dedicated copy to clipboard button next to textboxes for all formats of color value..will that not allow carrying color value to development IDE? Going even more basic, there are system defined context menu for copy command for all text boxes as well combo boxes!

  2. Ranjan

    Many thanks to you all for sharing your ideas about my little work. I do need to rectify the code for the cons. I need this program for my company work so modified and uploaded as well.

    1)Color Name Edit: I think it is there. if ‘Saved Color’ tab is selected then the ‘Rename’ action at bottom is there. If pointing to something else then plz give little detail.

    2)Copy color: Color value can be copied in text(for code) or a 8×8 bitmap(for drawing). Do you wish to copy custom color Name/Value pair(s)..if so i will provide that.

    3)It messes dlls: Though i have used a good and simple installer, the package does not have any additional dll other than the vb run time dlls. you can try a portable version zip (simple zip file) to see if it works. Portable version can be unzipped and used straightforward. See the link below.

  3. RobCr

    I thought I would check out your offering ‘Color Archiver’
    However I don’t think I will risk it on my main (VB6 developing) PC for two reasons
    – WOT gives it a poor rating
    – It is written in VB6.
    There are a lot of VB6 developers out there, that merrily include all the messes that MS supply (Controls, DLLs, etc). They are called dependencies, and it is those dependencies that require a program to be installed on other PCs.
    My programs do not include those dependencies, and thus do not require installing on others PCs (aka they are portable).
    I call the dependencies ‘messes’ as MS failed BADLY, to come up with a design to prevent developers from messing with near similar versions of the Controls, DLLs, etc, on your PC. Thus the Install clobbers your versions, and some previously installed programs on your PC, may have problems. That is called ‘DLL Hades’ (I am avoiding the word that is the opposite of Heaven, for moderating reasons).
    If I did not have the VB6 IDE (development environment) on my PC, I would not be so nervous.
    Now if you can get the author to give me a copy of his source code, then that avoids the problems. And as an added benefit, I will modify his program, to provide the features you both need.
    “Now who could argue with that ? ”
    (Blazing Saddles, in the Church)

    PS All programming sharing web site ban EXE’s for risk avoidance reasons

  4. RobCr

    If you guys & gals spell out your needs, I may have something stashed away.
    I have been accumulating Color Pickers for years (for assistance when I am VB6 programming)

    Here is a link to one –

    And do a Google for “colorpic softpedia’ (without any quotes) for another.

    I ended up writing my own, as I wanted a large storage capacity for “can’t think of the word” sets of complementing colors.

    I will browse my hard drive, for others.

    PS The Colormania site also has a free program called FlashTray Pro
    That could be worth checking out, and perhaps a review on DotTech ?

  5. Janet

    Inability to edit color names and carry values from Color Archiver to another program makes this program worthless for me……and for most (all?) people who would want to use a program of this sort…:-)….