Would you walk on this narrow and flimsy looking path above a deep gorge? [Amazing Photo of the Day]

We already know Ashraf is scared of heights. So the chances of him taking a stroll on a narrow and seemingly flimsy path above a deep gorge is like not going to happen. But what about you? Would you do it? Maybe you can decide after viewing the following picture — check it out:

To be fair to the Chinese (the above photo is of the Xihai Gorge), the path is narrow but it probably isn’t very flimsy. Still, I wouldn’t go near that thing.

[via Facebook]

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  • Too Easy

    No , I would rather go up the cliff , across the top and down the other side , particularly with a load .

  • mike

    I want my mommy

  • @Eric989:

    Hey, I was gonna say that!

  • Mike

    Actually, when you focus in on the walkway, it appears far from flimsy, including with the protective side piers and connective cabling. Although I’m not sure that I’d like to have to be trying all that out, especially on a windy or rainy day . . . .

  • oldtimer56

    No way would I even get close to that walkway, small engineering feat to say the least…

  • cpusrvc

    What I find amazing, is trying to picture how they built this.

  • Peter

    I love landscapes like this one. Reminds me to Via Mala (“bad way”) in Switzerland.

  • BeeGee

    ooooo — it’s me there . . .with the brown pants!!!

  • Eric989

    My main concern would be if this is a tool used by China for population control. Just sayin’.

  • Jeanjean

    Oh ! …but it’s me there with the blue pants !

  • Brent

    I’m in. Lets do it….