Flying squirrel [Amazing Photo of the Day]

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the skyyyyyyyyyyy. I think about it every night and day… I still remember that song from the movie Space Jam. Why exactly am I butchering the song now? Because I just came across a picture of a flying squirrel.

Okay, it isn’t exactly a flying squirrel but rather a jumping squirrel which has been caught on camera mid-air during a jump. Check it out:

[Image via Facebook | Image credit: Linn Smith]

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  • WobblyWombat

    Flying Squirrel? Bah humbug! lol ;-)
    We’ve got these beauties (Sugar Gliders) in Australia (not sure where the copyright lies for this pic I’m sure I’ve seen a full size one somewhere but this was the best TinEye could do at a pinch)

    Does anyone remember Rocky the Flying Squirrel and his mate Bullwinkle? :)

  • J.L.

    It’s not even a gliding squirrel?