Cute three weeks old cubs battle it out while the mother is out hunting [Amazing Photo of the Day]

WARNING: The photo I have to share with you today may make your heart melt… if you have a heart.

The following photograph is of a litter of three three-weeks old cubs (they look like cheetah cubs, but I’m not 100% sure about that). It isn’t as much of a battle as it is one cub crushing one of the others, while the mother is out hunting for food. Check it out:

The expression on the face of the bottom cub, who probably isn’t harmed as much as he or she is annoyed, is priceless. Can’t you just imagine him/her saying “someone get this idiot off me”?

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  • Eric989

    Cheetah cubs probably have the hardest time surviving of almost any animal. Their mothers can’t defend them very well from other cats or hyenas and such, and they are not particularly good at climbing. Plus cheetahs make quite a habit of getting their food stolen by other predators which means the mothers have to spend that much more time hunting so the cubs are alone a lot. They are basically in extreme danger on a continual basis.

  • Paul D

    @Eric989: And the black lines running down both sides of the muzzle are unmistakeable. Every cheetah has them from birth.

  • Eric989

    Definitely cheetahs as they are really fuzzy when they are young.