How to become a tech support expert [Comic]

Do you know a technically challenged person who is always asking for your help with computer issues? A parent, grandparent, neighbor, or co-worker, maybe. If your answer to the question is an astounding “yes”, then you should print the following flowchart to help teach them how to find solutions to their issues without bothering you. Check it out:

…Okay on second thought, maybe you shouldn’t give the flowchart to anyone. xD

[via xkcd]

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  • chinaguy

    As the guy several people have turned to for several years for help. This chart is great. Reminds me of several cases where this was pretty much pefectly accurate.

  • There ya go, giving away IT Support secrets is bound to lose some of us our jobs. LOL

  • Very nice ! THANKS !
    Almost true.

  • Mags

    As soon as I read the title I knew it had to be that one. I’ve had it around for years on my pc (just in case.) LOL

    It may be an oldie but it is still a goodie, and still holds true today.

    And yes I do have a few computer illiterate friends.

  • Lol !! Nice one Ashraf :)