Using CTRL + ALT + DEL to end a real life conversation [Comic]

I remember once I had a brain fart and tried to CTRL + F to search for something on a piece of paper. (Have I already told everyone this story? I’m getting old…) Have you ever tried to use computer commands in real life (aka life outside your computer)? It is OK if you don’t want to admit to it in public — you can still enjoy the following comic:


[via Something of that Ilk]

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  • NS

    I’ll admit that I’ve done it..more than once! After spending hours keyboarding, I often times want to do a CTRL +Z. Once it happened when I was paging through a binder. At one point I forgot I had opened the rings to pull out a sheet. When I went to search for another sheet, I whisked away about 30 pages that fell on the floor in a scattered mess. My brain kept saying CTRL +Z… CTRL +Z, When reality hit, I was disappointed that CTRL +Z hadn’t worked, but I was glad I hadn’t actually voiced the commands out loud.

  • J.L.

    Actually, you can CTRL+F a piece of paper, with the help of a scanner and OCR software.

  • AFPhys

    Sure would be easier sometimes

    By the way,. you have told the story, but you haven’t told it so many times that it is worn out, and it won’t be the next time either!

    I am still a <CTRL-C> person, though, instead of <CTRL-ALT-DEL>

  • Hahaha… very funny :D